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The Case for A Climate Resolution

“Do we need a Climate Resolution? Not necessarily. But we do need leadership. We need policies and plans. We need a vision for our community beyond the status quo, every day assumptions about what tomorrow will bring. Most of all, we need coordinated action. We need to buckle down, put our heads together, grab each other’s hands and meet our future.” – Myra Klockenbrink Continue Reading →

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LETTER: Mead Point Development Blocks Access to Public Waters

The proposed property is built on an island knoll surrounded by a mile and a quarter of shoreline that includes two tidal ponds. Through the review and discovery process DEEP has reported that the larger tidal pond was created by a causeway and a bridge, which were illegally constructed as neither has ever been permitted. Continue Reading →

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BOE Republicans Reluctantly Vote Yes on State-Mandated Black/Latino Course at GHS

Greenwich High School

“It doesn’t make sense for politicians in Hartford to mandate day-by-day curriculum plans. I know Ann (Carabillo), you’re going to say it was all designed by experts, but it’s still a political process.” – BOE member Cody Kittle Continue Reading →

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Rezone of 422-Acre Forest in Bridgeport for Development Would Worsen Health Outcomes

Although Remington Woods is some miles off in Bridgeport, the strong conservation gene that Greenwich possesses inclines residents to care about our forests. Removal of this woodland would almost certainly affect regional climate as the heat normally absorbed by the forest would rise into the atmosphere, raising regional temperatures and contributing to air pollution.” – Myra Klockenbrink Continue Reading →

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