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Greenwich BOE Candidates Hash Out Racial Balance, Achievement Gap, Redistricting and Equity during Oft Testy Debate on the West Side of Town

Kathleen Stowe, Jason Auerbach, Peter Bernstein, Meghan Olsson and Peter Sherr, candidates for Board of Education. Oct 11, 2017 Photo: Leslie Yager

Board of Education candidates talked about racial balance, achievement gap, contingency plans should CT not provide the $23 million grant for a new New Lebanon, and much more. Continue Reading →

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Sherr and Auerbach: New Hamilton Avenue School Field is Much Needed

“For too many years, the needs of the children at Hamilton Avenue have been postponed. Why the Board of Education accepted the Hamilton Avenue Project from the Building Committee with obvious flaws is beyond comprehension. Basic educational equity requires addressing this long overdue project,” said Jason Auerbach, member of the RTM and the Education Committee. Continue Reading →

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Chickahominy Mom Circulates Petition to Draw Attention to Traffic Safety Concerns at Hamilton Avenue School

A petition is circulating on paper and online to seek police enforcement or a change in the pick-up/drop-off pattern at Hamilton Avenue School. Petitioners say cars and trucks cross the double yellow line as traffic snarls and children fill the crosswalk. Continue Reading →

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Fortunato: Hamilton Avenue School Drop-Off and Pick-Up Remain Unsafe

“Since the start of the new school year, I’ve waited to see if the new construction and the safety lights would have a favorable impact…. Cars speed and cross the double yellow lines on both streets routinely as traffic backs up from both directions. One of the crossing guards even had his foot run over by a parent who was in a hurry.” – Dawn Fortunato, Hamilton Avenue School VP Communication, RT District 3 Continue Reading →

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