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March 5 Greenwich RTC Primary: “These things do happen on occasion”

“These things do happen on occasion. There may even be a few more of them this year. While we don’t have a huge number of them, in Stamford where they have 20 districts, 17 of their Democratic districts are having primaries next week on the same day Greenwich will have their five RTC primaries.” – Greenwich Republican Registrar of Voters, Fred DeCaro Continue Reading →

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Officials Mark Grand Opening of New Parking Garage at Stamford Transportation Center

This new 914-space parking garage is attached directly to the Stamford Transportation Center via a 320-foot pedestrian garage and provides direct access to the Track 5 platform heading to Grand Central Terminal. Continue Reading →

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P&Z Feedback on Oak Ridge 8-30g: How is this good for the town?

“I’m seeing such a tight development. What should give hints of green space, there is a little patio and it’s sitting on top of a parking garage. That’s pretty much it. You have low affordability, you have no outside space, and you’re basically building to the edges.”– Margarita Alban Continue Reading →

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