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GCDS Wheel-A-Thon Raises Funds to Support Youth Athletics in High-Need Areas

The inaugural Wheel-a-Thon was not merely a fun event, but a significant step towards supporting Good Sports, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and financial support for youth athletic programs in high-need areas. Continue Reading →

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Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich Teen Omar Badr Wins State Youth of the Year; Will Vie for Regional Title

“I moved from Brooklyn to Greenwich at the end of fourth grade, and that same week, my mother signed me up to attend the Boys & Girls Club. Since that first day, BGCG has shaped my life and helped make me the person I have become. The various programs I attended combined with the mentors I’ve had have shaped me and given me valuable skills. Most of all, the Club has helped me discover my passion of helping others.” – Omar Badr Continue Reading →

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Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of The Garden Club of Old Greenwich

In the 1940’s, the Garden Club’s projects supported the World War II effort.  Members planted and canned vegetables from victory gardens.  The club formed three committees: the Red Cross committee, which provided childcare while parents worked at the Red Cross; the War Service Committee, which sold war bonds; and the Hospitality committee, which provided gifts, books, cards and food to servicemen.  Continue Reading →

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