“Light and Shadows” Exhibit at Les Beaux Arts Gallery in Round Hill Community Church

A collection of landscapes and abstract artworks by Richard Levine, entitled “Light And Shadows,“ is on exhibit at Les Beaux Arts Gallery through April, 26, 2023. The exhibition marks the evolution of Levine’s long career in landscapes to abstraction. Richard gets his inspiration from nature; his colors are vibrant and his lines bold. “I find myself especially drawn to the vernacular architecture of rural New England and Nova Scotia. The simple, clean geometry of farm barns…elicit a strong response in me,” he explained. Continue Reading →

Calls Mount for Kia & Hyundai to Address Crisis of Car Thefts Due to Failure to Equip Cars with Anti-theft Immobilizers

Attorney General Tong, along with a nationwide coalition of 23 attorneys general, is calling on Kia America (Kia) and Hyundai Motor Company (Hyundai) to take swift and comprehensive action to help remedy the crisis of car thefts that has occurred due to the companies’ failure to equip vehicles with anti-theft immobilizers. Continue Reading →