Boxcar Cantina to Mark 25 Years in Greenwich with Weeklong Celebration

“People still come up and say, I didn’t know your family owned Boxcar. We’ve deliberately been behind the scenes. But now people will see me more out in the open. I love interacting with the customers. I can take the temperature of a lot of things.” – James Farrell, co-owner of Boxcar Cantina

LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS: Why there is no debate for Greenwich BET

“Voters do determine which majority party will control BET decision making. Of the 12 candidates on the ballot, voters may choose any 6. The party receiving the most total votes becomes the majority party, which then elects the Chairman, Vice Chairman, and often, the Secretary. The Chairman receives a second, tie-breaking vote in most decisions.” – Sandy Waters, President, Greenwich League of Women Voters Continue Reading →

HIGBIE: Jonathan Olsson Hasn’t Even Met Me

“I’m not one to be intimidated. I will not be bullied by Jonathan Olsson and his groupies. When I am elected you can be assured that I’m not here to make political statements or start fights, I am here to enforce what I believe is the best recipe for success; Limited government, maximum freedom to make Greenwich an awesome community to raise my family in.” – Carl Higbie Continue Reading →

BERG: Deferred Maintenance Keeps Taxes Low, but Greenwich Home Values Suffer

“Greenwich voters need to know that investments in schools, athletic facilities and other infrastructure will protect and raise property values. Longer term debt used to update our infrastructure will lower property taxes. Politicians who say otherwise are either mathematically challenged or they are intentionally deceiving us.” – Peter Berg Continue Reading →