Greenwich Man Charged with Bank Secrecy Act Offenses and Operating an Unlicensed Money Transmitting Business

Deirdre M. Daly, United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut - Greenwich Free Press

A small financial institution with a volunteer board that primarily served New York state public employees, allowed the two suspects to conduct high-risk transactions. The two men then caused the transfer of more than $1 billion in high-risk transactions, including hundreds of millions of dollars originating from high-risk foreign jurisdictions. Continue Reading →

Riverside Garden Club Announces April Speaker; Earth Day Clean up at Riverside Train Station

he speaker will be Dr. Robert Marra, Associate Scientist/Forest Pathologist for The CT Agricultural Experiment Station, who comes to the garden club with extensive knowledge about the challenges our trees are currently facing, from tropical storms, climate change and disease. Also, The Riverside Garden Club is looking for volunteers to help us clean up Riverside Train Station in celebration of Earth Day on Thursday, April 22. Continue Reading →

Group Letter: Emergency Response Necessary from BOE and BET to get NMS Children off the Buses & Back in into Their Building

District 12 is requesting an emergency response on the part of the BOE and BET to get our children off the buses and back in their community school. We need a plan that keeps all NMS students at a single site together, and modular classrooms must be considered if a September goal to reopen cannot be met. Continue Reading →