GROUP LETTER: Say “No” to Kim Fiorello

“In May of 2019, (Kimberly Fiorello) voted to cut funding for Cardinal Stadium at Greenwich High School where the bleachers have been condemned— and in December abstained from the vote to dedicate funds for mechanical system upgrades there. In May of 2018, she voted to slash funds for Central Middle School’s field which has been in woefully poor condition for years. She also voted to delay work at the Hamilton Avenue School fields in January of 2019.” – Group letter Continue Reading →

Pet Pantry Warehouse Hosts “No Go Dog Show” In-Store Fundraiser Features Pet Pantry Packs

This year’s canceled events include the annual New Canaan Dog Days, the annual Puttin’ on the Dog, the annual Howl & Prowl, and the inaugural Fairfield Dog Days.
“The cancellation of events this year has led to a shortage of $70,000 in funds that we desperately need to carry out our mission.” – Kristen Alouisa, Executive Director at Adopt-a-Dog Continue Reading →

LETTER: Vote Kasser; Life Experience Counts When Seeking Higher Office

“After less than a year holding one of the 230 seats in the Representative Town Meeting, and having held no other office, Ryan Fazio has set his sites on the upper body of the State Legislature. His professional experience appears to be limited to a stream of work as an energy trader, which is hardly management experience. And, while Ronald Reagan famously quipped about Mondale that he “wouldn’t exploit…his opponent’s youth and inexperience,” Fazio’s youth and inexperience is a real issue for me.” – Richard C. Case, Greenwich Continue Reading →

LETTER: An October Surprise

“In hearing him talk, it seemed like he had a cold. A sore throat, possibly. And symptoms that could be the beginning stages of COVID-19. But what did the tests show? And when? Like other medical information about him, he felt he wasn’t compelled to tell the public very much. The doctors were put in a compromising position and the lead doctor did exaggerate just a little about Trump’s condition, initially.” – Don Hermann Continue Reading →