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Facts and Nothing but The Facts: Geothermal at CMS & in Greenwich’s Future Construction Projects

“It is time that the Committee and Boards accept the facts from the experts that their Architect hired, who were paid Tens of Thousands of Dollars for their analysis and recommendation of Geothermal at CMS. This would be the same recommendation for all future Town-owned new construction.” – James O’Brien, Steve Hall and Andrew Winston Continue Reading →

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RTM Approval of $500K CTCL Grant in Jeopardy after Claims Votes Weren’t Counted

The vote to approve the grant passed with a total of 210 votes – 104 in favor, 101 against and 5 abstentions.
After the announcement of the vote, there was a bit of a kerfuffle and members interrupted the moderator during discussion of item 11 to say some people believed their votes had not been counted. Continue Reading →

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Winston: Attack on CTCL is a whole lot of noise with nearly zero substance

“An NPR report on the matter describes how the CTCL money was distributed in 2020. More went, naturally, to cities, which had bigger budgets and bigger gaps in infrastructure. Cities lean Democrat, so that’s true. But every district that requested money got money.” – Andrew Winston Continue Reading →

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WINSTON: Declaring a Climate Emergency Would be Great for Greenwich

“Instead of engaging these passionate students on the merits, Dodson’s letter to the editor maligns the student group and a global NGO, (which GEAG is allied with). Started by college students, is one of the most effective climate organizations in the world. The group advocates using 100% renewable energy and moving away from fossil fuels rapidly.” – Andrew Winston Continue Reading →

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