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DINA URSO: Even Republican Parents Want Central Middle School Built!

” I can say unequivocally that, as a Republican, I do not want the BET to hold the purse strings as tight as they can on this project. Our children deserve more. Our town deserves more. Ms. Arora, please do more and listen to your constituents (and their children) who want more.” – Dina Urso Continue Reading →

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CMS 8th Grader: “We are worried that you have no plan to prevent this from happening again”

“I doubt that many of the eighth graders imagined that we would be sitting in the Performing Arts Center (PAC), with our computers on our laps, completing asynchronous lessons on a Monday. And for anyone who thinks that’s not a big deal, try to figure out how to complete your Geometry assignment in an auditorium, attempting to balance a computer, notebook, pens and pencils, and a previous math packet in about a one foot by one foot area.” – Riona McKersie Continue Reading →

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