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Greenwich Republicans Point Fingers at CMS PTA While PTA Calls Former State Rep’s Survey Misleading

Tensions are mounting as the deadline to submit request or state grant money for CMS looms and cost estimates may exceed $67.5 million approved by BET. To qualify for the grant the funding must be “adequate.”
At Thursday’s BOE meeting, CMS PTA co-president Jen Behette said parents had been confused by a survey from former State Rep Harry Arora whose wife is on the building committee. Continue Reading →

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The Case for a Sustainable Central Middle School: Build Smart. Build Net Zero.

The premise that a school must be small to be sustainable – is not correct. It misses the essential nature of sustainable buildings – namely, that highly efficient, net-zero energy (NZE) buildings require dramatically less energy per square foot to operate. Continue Reading →

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BET Republicans: Creating consensus on public projects – Building Central Middle School on time and on budget

“As elected members of the BET, we owe it to our residents to be thorough in our analysis and ask the tough questions. We have the responsibility to find compromise and build consensus. For CMS, we need to be open to building the school faster and be open to considering a slight 10-15% reduction to help the project stay within budget.” – BET Republicans Continue Reading →

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DINA URSO: Even Republican Parents Want Central Middle School Built!

” I can say unequivocally that, as a Republican, I do not want the BET to hold the purse strings as tight as they can on this project. Our children deserve more. Our town deserves more. Ms. Arora, please do more and listen to your constituents (and their children) who want more.” – Dina Urso Continue Reading →

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