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P&Z Mulls Attics & Basements: Packed House Testy at Times

At Tuesday’s Planning & Zoning meeting, there was an interesting conversation about a proposal to exclude attics and basements in calculations for Floor-Area-Ratio (FAR) of homes in Greenwich. Some residents grew frustrated, even though the commissioners agreed, in concept, with the idea of excluding attics and basements from FAR calculations. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Please Don’t Count Basements & Attics in Floor-Area-Ratio (FAR)

“We are asking that our basements and attics don’t count against total Floor Area Ratio (FAR). Yes, there will be additional usable square footage because you will actually be allowed to use the square footage contained under your roof and in your basement without penalty. Existing homes, where attic and basement currently count in the calculation of FAR, would be allowed to be the same size as newer homes where the attic and basement have been excluded by roof trusses and filling around the house…. We hope to have your support as we continue this dialogue on Tuesday, January 10th at 7:00 pm in the Town Hall Meeting Room.” Continue Reading →

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