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Letter: With Trump, History Repeats

“This is first time I’ve had such a violent, gut reaction to the election of a President since 1973 when I marched in Washington after Nixon was re-elected. At that time, I thought that President Nixon (and Vice-President Agnew) represented views on certain topics (the war, his views of the youth in our country) that I couldn’t stomach – I thought Nixon, didn’t reflect the social and moral values of a large stretch of the population –and I frankly didn’t trust him. …I recognize that same ache, that same calling, in my heart today.” – John Dolan, Greenwich Continue Reading →

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Letter: Standard is 3 fire engines staffed with 4 firefighters. Now, there are no fire engines that meet this standard in Greenwich.

“Last week the Town of Greenwich shifted Greenwich Fire Dept line personnel around in a manner that robs Peter to pay Paul by sabotaging properly staffed fire engines to marginally improve the safety on understaffed fire engines….Until this week, three fire engines in Town were staffed with four firefighters. Now, there are no fire engines in Town that meet this standard.” – Kevin Coyner, Career Firefighter and Acting Lieutenant, Greenwich Fire Department, Member, Retirement Board, Town of Greenwich, Former Greenwich resident and RTM member and Greenwich Volunteer Firefighter, Currently stationed at Station 4, Glenville Continue Reading →

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Letter: I Have Witnessed Increase of Harassment Since Election

On the train to Greenwich from NYC, one woman’s Turkish neighbors are chatting in their language to each other. Guy in standard successful financial guy uniform loudly begins saying they shouldn’t be speaking in another language because they are in America, leans in and spitting in my friend’s face says, “It’s rude.”

Later…It becomes clear we are getting off at same Greenwich stop. He says to an Asian woman and me also preparing to disembark, “When you have been on this train for 35 years every day working, you can laugh at me.”

Nobody had been laughing. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Trump’s Nomination of Tom Price Puts Gun Rights over American Lives

“Taken together with his stands on repealing the Affordable Care Act, privatizing Medicare and blocking access to safe, affordable healthcare for women, Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy of Connecticut have emphatically stated that Tom Price must not be confirmed for Secretary of HHS.” – Jonathan Perloe Continue Reading →

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Marc Abrams: Why Hillary Lost

“Had Hillary’s team not gotten giddy over the polling data, they would have seen what the numbers were really showing – most critically, how their own campaign message was corroding the data they were basing their strategy on – they drank their own Kool-Aid.” – Marc Abrams, Greenwich resident and former member of the RTM, candidate for State Assembly and co-president of the Greenwich Reform Synagogue Continue Reading →

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