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GROUP LETTER: Understanding Changes on Greenwich Avenue – Are They For The Better?

“The First Selectman and the DPW have chosen to bypass the standard MI application process for this project that ensures proper oversight and accountability. The question is why they chose to do so.” – Greenwich residents Amaris Guadalupe, John Hopley, Ramya Hopley, Pamela Pell, Tom Plant, Jane Sprung and Christina Volkwein Continue Reading →

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QUIGLEY: It’s Time To Step Aside, Mr. President

“This process would be unprecedented, complicated and likely chaotic. But there is simply too much at stake to continue with the present course. The ominous threat posed by a second Trump term and the undeniable decline in Mr. Biden’s physical and cognitive abilities warrant whatever political risk that might accompany taking this drastic but necessary step.” – Dan Quigey Continue Reading →

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OPINION: A Call for Funding for the American Legion Auxiliary Girls State

“We were pushed over the edge when it came to our attention that the boys were allowed to order from food delivery services such as UberEats and DoorDash, while we did not have access to this luxury.” – Shreya Prabu Continue Reading →

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