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CROW: Experience, passion and compassion win elections.

“By selecting me, Trevor Crow, to be the endorsed Democratic
Candidate for State Senate District 36, you are supporting the battle tested candidate who knocked on 4500 doors last cycle, who has name recognition in her own right, who will rely on public funding, who garnered over 21,000 votes, who has real world experience and a genuine passion for helping people.” – Trevor Crow Continue Reading →

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It’s Time to Fund the Feasibility Study at Riverside School

“Every school day, more than 500 students and staff members enter a building that is inaccessible (without an elevator, among other violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act), undersized, outdated, and lacking basic safety features such as fire sprinklers.” – Carey Bisbee (Greenwich PTA Council Facilities Committee Member) and Clare Johnson (Riverside School PTA Co-President) Continue Reading →

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