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Drainage in Cos Cob: What’s the Cost of Doing Nothing?

And like the previous meetings for the Pemberwick and Brothers Brook drainage area neighbors responded with frustration that the town wasn’t doing more to mitigate flooding and the emphasis on action items was for residents to do their own flood mitigation. Continue Reading →

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von Keyserling Returns to Court, So Do Protestors

On Wednesday a group of about 20 waited for over an hour for von Keyserling to arrive at courthouse. They were armed with protest signs that read, “Nope,” “This New World Says No Sexual Assault,” and “The Gig is Up.” Continue Reading →

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von Keyserling to Return to Court in Stamford on Wednesday; Rally Against Sexual Assault Planned

Mr. von Keyserling is being represented by Philip Russell, who told Greenwich Free Press, “Any contact, if it occurred, it was trivial. And from my limited understanding was never meant to be malicious or sexual. The statute seems to require one or the other.” Continue Reading →

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Crowd Gathers to Protest von Keyserling’s Day in Court

A crowd of about 30 gathered outside Stamford Superior Court in anticipation of the arrival of Chris von Keyserling to answer to a charge of Sexual Assault 4. When he arrived, protesters chanted “Do Not Touch Without Consent!” Continue Reading →

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On von Keyserling’s First Court Date, a Courthouse Rally is Planned to Support Victims of Sexual Assault

Advocates and community activists are planning a rally at Stamford Superior Court on Wednesday morning at 9:00am to support victims of sexual assault and show disapproval of Greenwich RTM member Chris von Keyserling’s actions. Continue Reading →

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Before the Pinch that Got Him Arrested, von Keyserling was Subject of RTM Decorum Report

Long before he was arrested for sexual assault, Christopher von Keyserling’s behavior triggered formation of a “decorum committee” who wrote 24-page report concluding that the RTM leader had personally attacked a woman nominated to the Wetlands Agency. Continue Reading →

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Neighbors Weigh in on Cos Cob Hub Dumpster Proposal: “It Stinks!”

At the July 19 Planning & Zoning commission meeting, several neighbors turned out to opine on a proposal to relocate dumpsters for Fleishers and Fjord Fisheries to a location more visible from Sinawoy, in the process allowing the back entrances to the stores to become the main entrances. Continue Reading →

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