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GROUP LETTER: Greenwich Police Union Should Not Endorse Political Candidates

“The Silver Shield Association is wrong to create the appearance of pitting its members against those they are sworn to protect and serve; they should stay out of partisan politics. Their lack of recognition of the crisis of confidence in policing, and endorsing a candidate who fiercely opposes police accountability, sends a message to the residents of our increasingly diverse Greenwich community that the police do not have some of our backs.” Continue Reading →

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What You Need to Know About the Absentee Ballot Process in Greenwich

“My question of course is, if you have enough money to mail postcards to every single citizen in the United States, can’t you pick up the mail? Really?” – Connecticut Secretary of State Denise Merrill on the postcard mailing from the US Postal Service Continue Reading →

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LETTER: Democrats Have Ruined Connecticut

“Our local candidates are running for state office and dealing with local issues. Yet once again, local Democrats are relying on the same, flawed theme – that the rationale for voting for them should be based on the thesis that they don’t like the President. The Democrats are expecting the public to ignore the fact that they have singlehandedly ruined our state’s economy. Let’s examine their record.” – Katherine Vance Hynes Continue Reading →

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