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“Don’t Say Gay” Comes to Connecticut

“It almost seems as though the Greenwich Board of Education wants to pretend that the LGBTQ+ community doesn’t exist….The action of removing any reference to gender identify and sexual orientation mimicks Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law; it is a way to pretend our community doesn’t exist.” – Edson Rivas, Executive Director and Colin Hosten the President of the Triangle Community Center Board of Directors Continue Reading →

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Kindness, Above All Things

I recently conversed with a veteran teacher at a local school who said that she used to receive 30-40 handwritten thank you notes from students and teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. This year, she received one such note. When I recently held the door at Dunkin Donuts for a young man, he exclaimed, “Thank you! People don’t seem to do that to one another these days!” Continue Reading →

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Open Art Alliance to Host Long Awaited Gala at The Water Club

“At the recent cast party for Cinderella, I witnessed the high school seniors sitting on the floor with the miniature first graders playing games, eating too many treats and of course singing show tunes. This is unique, this is refreshing, this is community, this is Open Art Alliance.” – Patricia Carey, Open Art Alliance Parent Theatre Arts Committee Member Continue Reading →

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Three-Time Grammy Award Winner and Blues Hall of Fame Inductee Taj Mahal to Perform at Wall Street Theater

“The blues is bigger than most people think. You could hear Mozart play the blues. It might be more like a lament. It might be more melancholy. But I’m going to tell you: the blues is in there.” – Taj Mahal, Grammy Award Winner and Blues Hall of Fame Inductee Continue Reading →

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