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LWV President: Don’t Let Biden Inauguration be Overshadowed by Partisan Discord

“Some – including many in Congress – continue to insist that the election in some states was fraudulent. Their continued insistence undermines our democracy and empowers those who use intimidation and violence to advance their cause. These people are not patriots defending our country against enemies. They are the opposite.” – Sandy Waters, President, LWV Greenwich Continue Reading →

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The LWV Greenwich and Affiliate High School Clubs Announce 2021 Student Essay Contest

The LWV Greenwich and their affiliate high school clubs announce the theme of their 2nd annual essay contest for Greenwich students in grades K-12. In honor of America’s first female vice president, this year’s theme is “Dear Madam Vice President”. Students are encouraged to write a letter to Vice President Harris, sharing their stories, advice, and wishes. Continue Reading →

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