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MESKERS: Lamont’s request to continue emergency declaration is a sensible course of action

“The emergency declaration is not unilateral authority. There is no threat to democracy. The legislature continues to play a pivotal role in working with the Governor and state agencies to analyze public health data and craft policies that will allow our schools to stay open and our economy to keep growing.” – State Rep Steve Meskers Continue Reading →

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Perloe: Pathway Pollinator Mural Standstill Is an Alice in Wonderland Moment

“I submit the place we want to get to is a town that beautifies its public spaces, a town that creatively uses art to educate us on important topics at hand, a town that finds opportunities to engage youth in experiences that let them build skills they’re unlikely to gain in the normal course of instruction and a town that encourages civic engagement and volunteerism by its residents.” – Jonathan Perloe, RTM District 8 Continue Reading →

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