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Letter: Oberlander and Litvack Understand the Value of Investing in Our Schools

Mr. Camillo stated, “Buildings don’t teach you,” his suggestion being that it’s important to have good teachers and not so important to have schools in good state of repair. …These issues impact the educational experience of our children and can deter prospective new families from moving into Greenwich.” – Jennifer Barro, Greenwich Continue Reading →

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Boxcar Cantina to Mark 25 Years in Greenwich with Weeklong Celebration

“People still come up and say, I didn’t know your family owned Boxcar. We’ve deliberately been behind the scenes. But now people will see me more out in the open. I love interacting with the customers. I can take the temperature of a lot of things.” – James Farrell, co-owner of Boxcar Cantina Continue Reading →

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LETTER: Fear on the Ballot and on YouTube

“Surprisingly, Fred Camillo doesn’t even attempt to disown or disavow the sliced and diced video. Instead, he is trying to justify the altered tape, when the original clearly speaks for itself. Who does that? Attempting to justify a falsified tape intended to mislead voters and slander his opponent, then doubling down and publicly admitting it? Voters might well ask: Is this the kind of person we want representing us and our town?” – Mike Warner Continue Reading →

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