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Commercial Landscapers Seek Variance from Greenwich’s New Gas Leaf Blower Restrictions

“There are no penalties (in 2024), but that doesn’t mean that you can use then. Nor that homeowners or neighbors are wrong for asking landscapers to stop using that equipment. Homeowners may call the police, and the police may come out. And the police will ask you to to stop using your gas leaf blower. Just because there is a year before any fine are levied, that does not mean you are not expected to comply.” – Svetlana Wasserman Continue Reading →

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Camillo Eager to Move School Administration to Privately Owned Office Space Rental; Issue RFP for Repurposing Historic Havemeyer Building

“Has any work been done to see the true cost of repairs, bringing the building up to code and ADA compliant? It is a gem of a space. There’s so many ways we can use that space to share with members of the community.” – Karen Hirsh Continue Reading →

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PHOTOS: Greenwich Police Sergeant Jason Lyman Recognized for Saving a Civilian’s Life While Off Duty

“It’s not too often we get to see somebody that we saved looking like he was ready to run a marathon. It’s a breath of fresh air. We see a lot of things in our jobs that we’d like to unsee. This is one of those incredible moments we should bottle up and save forever.” – GPD Lt Schmitt who is president of the Greenwich Silver Shield Association Continue Reading →

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Camillo Awards “Griff” Golf Course Restaurant Concession to Deli Despite Being #2 Scorer on RFP

“The Town has a history of looking at the whole application, not just bid price. In 1991, I was part of Greenwich Recycling Company that bid on the Town recycling contract. We were outbid, but the Town went with us as we were all local guys who formed the company and also added some features that the top bidder did not.” – Fred Camillo Continue Reading →

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Town Hall Capacity Maxed Out Again: Residents Urge BET to Fund Critical Projects, Not to Cut School Teacher Jobs

Numerous GHS students urged the BET not to cut staff at their school. Residents also talked about the urgency of the OGS renovation, RversideSchool feasibility study, extension of sidewalks further down Shore Road toward Tod’s Point, Cos Cob Library renovation and the Glenville Corridor project. Continue Reading →

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