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Restricting Gas Powered Leaf Blowers? Dozens Testify at RTM in Support of Amended Noise Ordinance

“People are working from home more and more, and I’m getting complaints about that. Most of the landscapers I’ve spoken to – most are really good friends of mine – they agree with that.” – Fred Camillo Continue Reading →

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“Stand with Israel Rally” Draws Hundreds to Greenwich Town Hall

“This war is personal for many of us. Two of my cousins are on their way to the front right now. I am sure that if I asked for a show of hands that almost all of you would have some personal connection in grief and rage.” – US Senator for CT Richard Blumenthal Continue Reading →

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Differences Emerge between Selectmen Candidates: Mill Rate, School Infrastructure, Witherell, PPPs

The Selectmen debates on Wednesday night were nothing if not cordial. The audience – maxed out to the room’s capacity, with the overflow had been diverted to Zoom – was exceedingly polite. Gone was the heckling and disrespectful behavior that punctuated some past debates. There were no zingers surprise twists. Anyone waiting for fireworks was disappointed. Continue Reading →

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Details Emerge as Greenwich Communities Eyes Air Rights on Underused Commuter Lot in Cos Cob

All the units would be for the town workforce. They would be two-bedroom apartments, about 1200 sq ft each, each with its own laundry and two bathrooms. There would be six units per floor for a total of 12 units per building. Continue Reading →

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Barolak & Camillo: Affordable Housing Trust Fund is Win-Win

“The Trust has so far approved modest sized loans to five 8-30g projects. In exchange, the developers of those projects have agreed to reduce the size of their buildings by almost 40% on average.” – Bob Barolak, Chair of the Greenwich Affordable Housing Trust Fund and Greenwich First Selectman Fred Camillo Continue Reading →

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Kordick Attorney Statement on Settlement with Town of Greenwich: “The outcome was never in doubt”

“In Kordick’s case, we had a “smoking gun.” Through discovery, we obtained Fred Camillo’s texts which he unambiguously stated on the day after he learned Kordick’s identity: “He better pray that I do not win because I would be the police commissioner and he will be gone.” Actually, this case had several smoking guns, because we had a text where Camillo repeated this intention to “nail” Kordick even after he was elected First Selectman. Nevertheless, the Town chose to ignore this damning evidence, and chose to spend money and waste judicial resources defending the indefensible until after the trial commenced.” – Lewis Chimes Continue Reading →

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BOE May Hire Attorney for Second Opinion on Wetmore ‘Section 99 Memo’ Delaying CMS Timeline

BOE members balked at being advised they couldn’t seek a second opinion. Meanwhile, the building committee did not want to “pause” to focus on just the MI approval process, but rather to proceed with both design documents as part of the “study and survey” process and the MI approval. Continue Reading →

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