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P&Z to Meet Virtually: Agenda Includes Pre-Applicaton for GHS Stadium

“It is not a formal application. It is not a Municipal Improvement. They are coming in under the pre-application process, as permitted under 7-159(b) of Connecticut General Statutes. This allows for an applicant to discuss a concept with the Planning & Zoning Commission. It is non binding.” – Katie DeLuca on the GHS stadium pre-application Continue Reading →

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COVID-19 Update: Positive Tests Tick Up, Greenwich Hospital Dipping into 95 “Over-Capacity Beds”

“We are now just going to our in-house ‘over capacity beds,’ which are beds and locations within the hospital that are not in the traditional bed count, but can be easily taken care of in a safe manner in the hospital campus. I have 95 of those beds available and we have just started admitting into those new units.” – Diane Kelly, Greenwich Hospital Continue Reading →

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COVID-19 UPDATE: Greenwich Train Station Building to Close; 45 Residents Test Positive

As of noon Tuesday, 133 total patients had tested positive at the Greenwich Hospital outpatient site, and 33 COVID-19 positive patients are in the hospital. Greenwich has 41 confirmed cases of COVID-19. The Greenwich train station building, which is privately owned, will closed Tuesday at 8pm. Continue Reading →

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How to Have a Successful Experience at Holly Hill Transfer Station in the Time of COVID-19

With beaches, parks and school fields closed. And with movies, restaurants, schools and no-essential businesses closed, residents flocked to the Holly Hill Transfer Station on Tuesday. The dump is set up to provide social distancing, not to inconvenience residents. Respect social distancing and efforts of staff trying to move people through efficiently. Continue Reading →

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P&Z and Wetlands Close for Cleaning after Employee Calls in Sick with Flu-Like Symptoms

“This is a national health emergency. I cannot stress that enough. We’re getting reports of people on social media sharing posts that are not true and sending around emails almost in a reckless manner. It goes beyond somebody being political. The wrong information can kill somebody. – Greenwich First Selectman Fred Camillo Continue Reading →

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