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Camillo: The State Employee Brgaining Agent Coalition Agreement Ties State’s Hands for a Decade

The House and Senate Democratic legislators claim that the $1.5 billion in union concessions was too good of a deal to pass up, and that you have to give up things in negotiations in order to receive sought after items. …If this was just two years, this would have been an agreement worthy of serious debate, but ten years? Continue Reading →

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Children Environmental March on Greenwich Ave Empowers Youth

The Children’s Environmental March in central Greenwich drew crowds. The event featured speakers including Claire Colman, Fred Camillo, Marina Rosin Levine, Alex Bergstein and Denise Savageau. Also, Greenwich High School students Elizabeth Murray and Kara Bittman talked about their personal connections to the environment and the necessity of having a deep commitment to fighting climate change. Continue Reading →

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