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About Greenwich Free Press

Since launching in April 2014, Greenwich Free Press has become a force in independent news coverage in Greenwich, Connecticut. We publish exclusively online to meet our readers where they are. 

At a time when local news is increasingly underfunded, and trusted local publications have shuttered or been absorbed by larger conglomerates, GFP remains independent and free to read. We are a small operation, which means we can’t cover all of the news. But we offer coverage you won’t find elsewhere. We strive to be fair and balanced, covering all sides of local politics and regularly running letters to the editor.

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Who is Greenwich Free Press?

Greenwich Free Press was founded in 2014 by Leslie Yager, who has lived in Greenwich off-and-on since 1979. For many years, Yager volunteered in Greenwich Public Schools including Central Middle School, Greenwich High School, and Julian Curtiss, where she served as PTA President when the school was cited for racial imbalance and reinvented itself as a magnet school. Yager received her BA in Urban Studies from Connecticut College, and has a graduate degree in US History from University of London and a MS in Communications from Boston University.  She is the proud mother of a Greenwich High School graduate.

Several contributors have bylines, but all stories marked by Greenwich Free Press are written by founder/editor Leslie Yager.


Learn more about our mission.

Because Greenwich’s diversity belies its reputation as a wealthy pearls-and-Mercedes town, we strive to cover issues impacting all neighborhoods, from Chickahominy and Byram, to the shoreline and back country, starting with a focus on land use.

According to the most recent ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) report from the Greenwich United Way, about 21% of Greenwich‘s population was employed but struggled to afford basic necessities, including housing. Meanwhile, as the town struggles to achieve the state requirement that 10% of its housing stock be affordable. And after a long slump, Greenwich’s real estate was shocked awake in 2020, with bidding wars and shortage of inventory in response to the pandemic. With land values increasing, that 10% goal has become increasingly elusive.


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Our House of the Week feature has become increasingly popular. We will feature your house for sale as a piece of featured content with all your photos and text, then fe-feature it and blast it out on Facebook and Twitter each time you schedule an open house or change in price until it is sold.

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