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An Open Letter to the Members of the Board of Estimate and Taxation

“We are as concerned as everyone about the economic impact of the pandemic. However, current indicators suggest our Town’s finances have held steadfast. Property transactions — and conveyance tax revenues — have increased. Divide the $900,000 difference between the BET and BOE budgets by the 16,000 families living in Greenwich and one gets $56.25.” – group letter Continue Reading →

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Memorabilia in the Attic Tell Stories of Life During the 1918 Pandemic

“A photo, taken by my grandmother and dated September 1919, showed a 26-passenger Lawson airliner nose down and tail up in my great-grandfather’s cabbage patch. Among its passengers was a female reporter who continued to powder her nose even as the plane came to its dramatic stop.” – Janet Stone McGuigan Continue Reading →

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Janet Stone McGuigan: I cannot put my name to the budget that is being put before the RTM

“The budget process that began prior to the pandemic was a public affair that was noticed well in advance of meetings, with documents explaining what would be discussed and decided upon. The final decision day was not.” – Janet Stone McGuigan Continue Reading →

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LETTER: How I am Learning to Love Disruption

“My father graduated high school in 1944, and was told not to make plans, that he would certainly be drafted. He dutifully sat for entrance tests, and ended up training to be a radio operator with the Great Lakes Naval Station. …. In comparison my household’s quarantine seems like a vacation.” – Janet Stone McGuigan, Old Greenwich Continue Reading →

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