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Western Middle School Unveils Plaque in Memory of Steven Sudell

On Tuesday at Western Middle School’s Barbara Jacowleff recalled when a student gave her a letter to pass along to Steven Sudell. She said the letter described a time in elementary school when the girl had felt like an outcast and sat alone at lunch. She said Steven noticed this and went to sit with her at lunch. Within a few months that student had a table full of friends to sit with. Continue Reading →

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Steven Sudell Kindness Rock Garden T-Shirts Will Raise Funds for a Plaque

The vibrant colored rock garden is missing one thing: a dedication plaque to be placed in honor of Steven Sudell a cancer warrior who was well known for his warm and comforting personality, positive attitude and his ability to inspire those around him. Continue Reading →

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Cancer Warrior Steven Sudell’s YouTube Channel Is Overnight Hit

Greenwich cancer warrior Steven Sudell now has a YouTube channel and his inspired videos have gone viral. Check it out, the channel name is Theweevster18. Steven is truly talented and has been sharing his drawings in short installments on the channel. On Thursday, Steven posted a video saying he was shocked to have hit 3,000 subscribers. We could only imagine his reaction when he learned that his subscribers had soared to 11,000 a day later. Continue Reading →

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