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Marzullo Proposes Formation of Committee to Advise Selectmen on Contamination in Greenwich

“This reactive approach to soil contamination remediation is simply not working. It cost the tax payer thousands of additional dollars and it closes down fields, etc In some ways it’s becoming the norm that we test and then we go into remediation defcon 5. There has to be a better way. A proactive way.” – Selectman Drew Marzullo Continue Reading →

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Tesei: Fencing off Fields at Western Middle School Reflects “Abundance of Caution”

After an oral report from Greenwich’s environmental consultant was released, and the Town fenced off Western Middle School fields, land surveyor Michael Finkbeiner challenged Peter Tesei during the First Selectman’s weekly radio show.

Mr. Tesei said the fencing would be installed out of “an abundance of caution,” and that there were not exceedances found at Western. Mr. Finkbeiner replied, “That patently is untrue. There were many exceedances.” Continue Reading →

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Test Soil at Western Middle School? Marzullo’s Motion Fails to Carry

At Thursday’s Board of Selectmen meeting, Drew Marzullo urged Mr. Toner and Mr. Tesei to ask the Board of Education to begin testing Western Middle School fields immediately. He made a motion toward that end, but neither of the Republican selectmen seconded the motion, and so it was not carried forward. Continue Reading →

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PHOTOS: Western Middle School Feeder School 5th Graders Make Friends, Enjoy Sunshine

A nice tradition for rising 6th graders is a visit to Boy Scouts Camp Seton on Riversville Rd, where students have a chance to meet their future classmates and have some familiar faces. On Wednesday the students from New Leb, Ham Ave, Parkway and Glenville School lucked out with the weather and had a great day. Continue Reading →

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