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Western Middle School 8th Graders to Showcase Their Capstone Projects

There are three dates that WMS students will present their “Capstone Projects. ” All are open to the public. These projects are a way for students to demonstrate their research, writing, and presenting skills. Months are spent researching and writing about a problem found in a community of their choice. Continue Reading →

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Western Middle School Debate Team Are Winners at CT Middle School Debate League Tourney

Catherine Utzinger, Nicole Craighead, and Erin Morlock. Contributed photo

The Western Debate Team went up against 81 other teams consisting of 224 debaters from 23 different schools. The topic debated was “This House believes that Artificial Intelligence will do more good than harm.” Western won six of the debates in the three rounds of competition and the loses were extremely close, with one round lost by just 1/2 a point. Continue Reading →

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Western Middle School to Host Community Head Shaving St. Baldrick’s Event on Thursday

Dubbed “Western Cares 2018,” Western Middle School principal Gordon Beinstein said the cause hits close to home for the WMS community. “Two of our students have recently been stricken with this disease. St. Baldrick’s Foundation’s single goal is to eliminate childhood cancer, raising $234,000,000 in research grant funding since 2005.” Continue Reading →

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Student Cartoonists Sell Star Wars Calendar in Greenwich Schools To Support Abilis

Two local girls have created a calendar featuring new comic drawings and original interpretations of characters from the Star Wars Universe. The idea cam in response to state budget cuts that impacted special needs students. Continue Reading →

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Greenwich Schools: More WMS Soil Sample Results Released

Environmental consultant, Langan, recently analyzed 52 more soil samples collected at one foot below ground surface and found that:
• 8 soil samples contained PCBs above the state Residential Direct Exposure Criteria
• 1 soil sample, taken at the eastern edge of the southern softball field had PCBs above the state Significant Environmental Hazard. That area will now be fenced off. Continue Reading →

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