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FBI Outreach Specialist Urges Parents, Pharmacists, Coaches and Youth to Attend ‘Chasing the Dragon’ Event

FBI Community Outreach Specialist Charles Grady told Greenwich Free Press that during Q&A, parents often ask what to look for in terms of signs of drug-seeking behavior from their children. He said there are subtle changes that sometimes parents don’t even recognize. Continue Reading →

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Safe Rides President: Uber is No Alternative to Safe Rides; A Fundraiser is Planned

Safe Rides president Julia Moch rebutted the idea that students substitute Uber for Safe Rides.

“Bedford Road to Old Greenwich costs about $30 with Uber, and that’s not including fare spikes for late night hours,” Moch said. “During daytime ‘quiet hours’ a trip via Uber from top to bottom of Greenwich costs $25…. Sometimes Uber drivers will refuse to pick up kids from parties because sometimes kids won’t show up. And because kids could throw up or damage their car…or spill alcohol.” Continue Reading →

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Couple Sues Greenwich Hospital for Wrongful Death of Twin Baby Girl in 2015

This week, a couple filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Greenwich Hospital and obstetrician Dr. Marjan Hedayatzadeh because their twin baby girl died June 3, 2015. The couple alleges their baby girl’s heartbeat was not appropriately monitored and the baby was not promptly delivered by emergency C-section. Continue Reading →

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PBS Documentary Offers a Look inside Silver Hill Hospital and Struggles to Overcome Mental Illness and Addiction

An upcoming installment of the award-winning public television documentary series “Visionaries” will visit Silver Hill Hospital and challenge preconceived notions of what the treatment of mental illness and addiction looks like. Continue Reading →

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Chasing the Dragon: Greenwich Police to Co-Host Community Forum on Opioid Addiction

FBI Community Outreach Specialist, Charles Grady will provide insight to the drug epidemic in Connecticut. Chasing the Dragon is hosted by Greenwich Police, Social Services, Liberation Programs, Communities 4 Action and First Selectman’s Youth Commission. Continue Reading →

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Student Slogan Contest for Prescription Drug Abuse Campaign Announced

“It may take just minutes for a student to come up with a slogan and submit their entry online, but through the process we are hoping they and their parents become more aware of the prescription drug abuse epidemic,” said Ingrid Gillespie, executive director of Communities 4 Action. Continue Reading →

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