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Matt Popp to RTM: Proposed New Leb Magnet School is Too Big and Won’t Work Anyway.

Longtime Byram resident Matt Popp, an architect, is challenging the MI for New Lebanon School. He told 3 committees of the RTM that the 3-lane bus loop is simply too big and that without it, a new school be built on the hilltop and save the “urban forest.” He said he doubted families from the east side of town would send their children to New Leb, and an exodus from under-enrolled Parkway would be problematic for that school. Continue Reading →

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Tesei on RTM’s Nixing of NW Fire Station: Divisiveness Could Erode Greenwich Cachet

At Thursday morning’s Board of Selectmen Meeting Peter Tesei said the BET hadn’t done a good job selling their budget to the RTM and that it wasn’t fair to characterize the budget increases as “out of control.” He cited unfunded legislative mandates and legal obligations of the town to fund pensions. He lamented the divisive nature of the fire station controversy. Drew Marzullo described Monday’s RTM meeting as a reality show, complete with booing and heckling. Continue Reading →

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Greenwich Gov. 101: Accountability, Citizen Participation, Voter Choice

On Tuesday night a crowd of about 50 showed up at Town Hall for a primer on Greenwich government. The event, organized by Shelly Cryer and moderated by Jara Burnett of the League of Women Voters, allowed each panelist to sum up the function of their department or board, starting with the First Selectman. First Selectman as Full-Time Chief Executive
Tesei, now in his fourth term, said his job was made full-time in 1978 after a charter revision was approved by Greenwich voters in1975. The change took effect in 1977-78. In 1977  the election for First Selectman was deemed a tie, and, after a re-vote, Ruth Sims was elected the Town’s full-time chief executive, first woman and first Democrat in 75 years. Continue Reading →

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