Letter: Keeping Our Taxes Low

Submitted by David de Milhau Greenwich RTM – District 12 May 3, 2016

To the editor,

In an effort to keep taxes low and get good value for our tax dollars the budget overview committee of the Greenwich RTM (the town’s legislature) is proposing that the 2016 – 2017 budget be reduced by the following amounts; $1.4 million from the operating budget and $3.05 million from the capital budget.

Budget items that are removed or reduced can be brought up again in the following budget cycle.

Town officials, Board of Estimate Taxation members, and RTM members have expressed the opinion that the RTM should be more proactive regarding the budget. Recently, the RTM reorganized the budget review rules so the RTM can do a better job with the budget. There’s a lot more work to be done. These budget reductions are a great start.

Please support the “keep our taxes low initiative”. You can call or email RTM members. All the members are listed on the RTM.Greenwich.org website front page.

Click on the name for contact information. With 230 members the Greenwich RTM is the fourth-largest legislative body in the United States. It is the sovereign authority in the Greenwich town government deriving its authority directly from the people.

David de Milhau Greenwich RTM – District 12

  • Judy Goss – RTM District 1

    When you contact your RTM reps, be sure to let them know which town services you feel should be cut in order to realize savings.

  • B. Briggs

    Old Greenwich Library. We could run two libraries with what we are paying to run this one. Salaries alone are a million over there.
    They use no volunteers.

  • John B.

    ONLY $25.00 / per student for a out of control popular Summer School ,which includes a free breakfast AND lunch ! CAN YOU CHEAP SUMMER CAMP , at the taxpayers expense !!!

    • Greg Sakarian

      The maddening waste of our town can make one mad. This is a good point Mr. John B. This school system is addicted to keeping itself relevant. Time to hire a superintendent who can cut the fat.

  • Holly M.

    If you have the money through forced taxation spend it to the hilt.

    Greenwich is a spending junkie of a Town. Most town employees live elsewhere and live like “fat cats” upstate.

    When will Greenwich citizens demand the waste at City Hall stop?

    When will Town employees come from Greenwich?

  • T.R. Williams

    The drug of Greenwich’s kitty is too addictive to any political party in this town. Nobody has the courage to say no to ridiculous benefits and spending.

    Debt is the golden calf.

  • Judy Goss – RTM District 1

    Complaining from the sidelines doesn’t change anything. Getting involved with town government might. Try it; see what you think after getting a closer look.

    All the town employees I know who live in town are just as concerned about rising taxes as any other citizen. (Often more so.)

  • Carol

    I believe, as a RTM member, we are responsible to the voters who put us in office. Annually increasing taxes for most is a burden sometimes even for the wealthy backcountry. Wake up please, the State of CT is in grave financial trouble. It is said the cuts will be even deeper next year. Those cuts will definitely flow in Greenwich’s direction. The Sectmen’s office & the BET need to tighten their spending belt.

  • Frank

    Start freezing or cutting Town employee salaries and benefits!!

  • HoyaSaxa

    Last night’s RTM Budget meeting, we are being repeatedly told, was the “most exciting meeting” in very long time.

    The RTM actually approved cuts. For the first time in quite awhile. Business as usual is over. And we are just getting started in battle to get our town back on track. What’s next?

    An RTM Sense of the Meeting Resolution this September asking the BET and the Selectmen to bring us budget with NO net spending increase and NO tax increase.

    That budget would mean cuts in operating spending, mainly head count, because of the contracts that lock us into higher wages, health care costs and pension costs.

    However, the ONLY way the public employee unions will ever get serious about negotiations (as the situation in Hartford shows clearly) to reduce spending and benefits, is when the public REFUSES to pay for them. Capping spending levels in a low inflation environment is just another first step, but a very necessary one.

  • Allison Vera

    “We are just starting to get our town back on track.” But who is the “us” in “our”? And from where I sit, it seems like the town in not going “back” anywhere; it is going in a whole new direction.

    Could you be more specific about how the situation in Hartford shows that refusing to pay union demands is the only way unions will negotiate seriously? Hartford is the one siding with the unions, in many cases. I have hear there are instances when negotiations went to arbitration and the arbitrators awarded MORE than was originally demanded. So what does “the situation” in Hartford have to show us?

    Fiscal responsibility in one thing. But the more talk I hear about this budget reduction initiative, the more it sounds like people who have all they want, can buy whatever they want, want to keep as much as they can, live in their private compounds behind high walls or hedges, send their kids to private school, and, as one of the pro-cut people said last night – if you want it, then put up your money for it.

    I agree that business as usual is over – Greenwich is no longer a community.