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New Leb Building Committee: New School Project is “Shovel-Ready”

“The new school’s size is driven not by classrooms, but rather by the need to bring the common spaces up to the District’s standard sizes. The new building will not exceed those standards and there are no extra classrooms. In fact, the footprint and size of this building are smaller than the last two elementary school projects – Glenville and Hamilton Avenue.” – New Lebanon Building committee Continue Reading →

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Matt Popp to RTM: Proposed New Leb Magnet School is Too Big and Won’t Work Anyway.

Longtime Byram resident Matt Popp, an architect, is challenging the MI for New Lebanon School. He told 3 committees of the RTM that the 3-lane bus loop is simply too big and that without it, a new school be built on the hilltop and save the “urban forest.” He said he doubted families from the east side of town would send their children to New Leb, and an exodus from under-enrolled Parkway would be problematic for that school. Continue Reading →

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Test Soil at Western Middle School? Marzullo’s Motion Fails to Carry

At Thursday’s Board of Selectmen meeting, Drew Marzullo urged Mr. Toner and Mr. Tesei to ask the Board of Education to begin testing Western Middle School fields immediately. He made a motion toward that end, but neither of the Republican selectmen seconded the motion, and so it was not carried forward. Continue Reading →

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