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Arora Accused of Fear-Mongering for Calling Renovation in Place at Old Greenwich School Unsafe 

“The kids will be in this building when this renovation is going on and these hazardous chemicals are being abated. Make no doubt there will be asbestos and other hazardous chemicals. If it were my young child I would not want them in that school.” – Nisha Arora Continue Reading →

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TABNER: Erickson will improve the quality of life for everyone in Greenwich

“Laura believes that by working together we can do better by our town. Greenwich is a wonderful place to live but we need to have comprehensive plans for our schools, local police and fire, and roads, and be a responsible manager of our town resources to meet those needs.  Laura, with her years of banking experience as well as on the RTM, the BOE and the BET, knows how to achieve these goals. ” – Kate Tabner Continue Reading →

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ERICKSON: Local Control Requires Local Action

“Once we have demonstrated progress, our State delegation in Hartford will be empowered to continue to push back on onerous state legislation bolstered with data and evidence that Greenwich has local and tangible solutions that work. It’s up to us, and if I am elected First Selectperson, this issue will be of highest priority.” – Laura Erickson, Democratic candidate for First Selectperson Continue Reading →

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Greenwich Democrats Nominate Slate of Candidates for 2023 Municipal Elections

Running on a platform focused on protecting property values, supporting Greenwich schools and competent, compassionate governance with all residents in mind, Greenwich Democrats pledged to usher in an era of visionary, forward-looking leadership. Continue Reading →

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