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Central Greenwich Feedback to DPW: “We’ve Talked about the Same Intersections for 20 Years”

“In my neighborhood we do not support sidewalks of any kind….I personally do not favor traffic cameras in town. As a New England Yankee our personal freedoms are paramount.” – Karen Fassuliotis Continue Reading →

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Residents Share Strong Concerns about Traffic during North St Bridge Replacement

“To say that the traffic plan is alternating lights – I’m sorry – I’m putting on my BET hat right now, I’m not going release a condition based on that because I don’t even think that’s a plan.” – Karen Fassuliotis Continue Reading →

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OPINION: Revitalizing Old Greenwich Elementary – Unveiling the Facts behind the Renovation

“The best decisions are made when we listen to each other, focus on facts, and debate openly and rigorously.” – Nisha Arora, Bill Drake, Karen Fassuliotis, Harry Fisher and Leslie Tarkington are Republican members of the Board of Estimate & Taxation. Continue Reading →

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BET’s “Ugly, Messy Conversation” on Discontinuing OGS Independent Cost Estimator Project

The BET met Monday and the agenda included a motion presented by Democratic member Leslie Moriarty to discontinue the Old Greenwich School cost estimate project. Mr. Ramer said the process had become tainted because one member of the BET had talked to a bidder. Continue Reading →

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Fassuliotis: The BET Vote Did Not Delay Construction of Old Greenwich School

“The Board of Education and their parent-led Building Committee, supported by election motivated Democrats, decided to try to compress all these reviews and approvals into one month and bully the Finance Board into approving $41 million without a MI and required reviews by all the appropriate town agencies or elected legislature.” – Karen Fassuliotis Continue Reading →

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BET Republicans: Creating consensus on public projects – Building Central Middle School on time and on budget

“As elected members of the BET, we owe it to our residents to be thorough in our analysis and ask the tough questions. We have the responsibility to find compromise and build consensus. For CMS, we need to be open to building the school faster and be open to considering a slight 10-15% reduction to help the project stay within budget.” – BET Republicans Continue Reading →

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