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Female Leaders to Speak at 7th Annual Women Empowering Women

Five industry-leading women will speak at the seventh annual Women Empowering Women (WEW) event in Stamford on May 9. Focusing on how women better the balance today, each featured panelist will share stories of personal and professional growth to empower others Continue Reading →

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The Sexual Assault Awareness Club at GHS Tackles Gaslighting, Sexual Assault & Emotionally Abusive Relationships

Some of the members of the Sexual Assault Awareness Club include (left to right) Evan Pey, Jessica Neri, Sean Macmenamin, Isabella Sampedro and Alexandra Cid. Photo: Leslie Yager

Quentil Ball, the director of The Center for Sexual Assault Crisis and Education visited a recently formed club at GHS, the Sexual Assault Awareness Club to talk about prevention and where to seek help. Continue Reading →

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“March On Greenwich” Launches Petition, Statement to RTM Denouncing District 8 Leader von Keyserling’s Behavior

“While we understand that Mr. Von Keyserling is “innocent until proven guilty” in a court of law, Mr. von Keyserling has admitted to inappropriate actions against a town employee and the charges against him are based on video recordings of the incident and are in line with behaviors others, including our own first selectman, have observed in the past.” – Statement from Move On Greenwich Continue Reading →

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Letter: Greenwich Schools Teach Sexual Abuse Prevention, Yet Adults Excuse the Behavior

“Are we seriously arguing over whether Chris von Keyserling pinched a town employee in the workplace on her bottom or her vagina, because the argument is “Well, if it’s her bottom it’s not so bad” in the year 2017, almost two decades after my kids learned in Greenwich Public schools that we don’t touch anyone in the bathing suit area, period?” – Sarah Darer Littman Continue Reading →

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Crowd Gathers to Protest von Keyserling’s Day in Court

A crowd of about 30 gathered outside Stamford Superior Court in anticipation of the arrival of Chris von Keyserling to answer to a charge of Sexual Assault 4. When he arrived, protesters chanted “Do Not Touch Without Consent!” Continue Reading →

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Campus Safety: Challenging the New Reality: A Discussion for Families about Student Safety

According to statistics from the Association of American Universities, cited recently by the New York Times, 25 percent of women and 8 percent of men who participated in a major survey of 150,000 students, reported being sexually assaulted during their college years. Continue Reading →

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GHS Health Fair Connects Students to Resources, Counseling, Services

In Greenwich, resources abound for teenagers. The annual Wellness fair at GHS allowed students to connect with organizations like: Liberation Programs, Venus Clinic, GEMS, The Center for Sexual Assault Crisis Counseling and Education, Volunteer Square and a dozen others. Continue Reading →

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