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P&Z Watch: Greenwich’s New Housing Trust Fund Is in the Works

Though there had been an early suggestion of adding a fee to developers’ permits, the trust fund will be funded exclusively by private donations. The expenditure level at which a donation must go before the RTM for approval is $500,000. Continue Reading →

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GROUP LETTER: RTM’s Hands Were Tied on North Mianus School Emergency Appropriation

“It is important to understand that the RTM may only vote to approve or reduce budgeted amounts set by the BET, it cannot add appropriations. RTM members who believe that the $2.1 million is insufficient could have voted no on the appropriation, but that would have denied the BOE even this small fraction of the total funds it desperately needs to start repairs.” – Group letter Continue Reading →

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UPDATE: Greenwich Athletic Foundation Withdraws its Referral to RTM for the Eastern Greenwich Civic Center MI

The EGCC committee co chairs Gary Del’Abate and Scott Johnson explained that budget was limited, parking would not be inadequate and they were planning a civic center rather than an athletic facility. Continue Reading →

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