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UPDATED: Camillo Declines to Sign CTCL $500K Grant Agreement, Given Challenge to RTM Vote

“The Town Attorney declined to give an immediate opinion on the matter at Tuesday’s meeting. Thereafter appeal rights were not preserved pursuant to the aforementioned section. With no appeal having been filed it would appear that the vote on Item #10 is final.” – Glen A Canner Esq, District 12 Continue Reading →

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RTM Moderator: “The electronic voting system had no flaws or defects”

“But I wanted to inform the membership today that given the applicable rules and the results of the analysis of Tuesday evening’s vote, I have determined that the vote tally announced on Tuesday evening regarding item 10 is the final vote, subject only to a proper parliamentary device seeking to reopen that vote.” – Alexis Voulgaris Continue Reading →

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RTM Approval of $500K CTCL Grant in Jeopardy after Claims Votes Weren’t Counted

The vote to approve the grant passed with a total of 210 votes – 104 in favor, 101 against and 5 abstentions.
After the announcement of the vote, there was a bit of a kerfuffle and members interrupted the moderator during discussion of item 11 to say some people believed their votes had not been counted. Continue Reading →

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League of Women Voters Urges Support Grant for Registrars under Consideration by the RTM

“Our Registrars, Republican Fred DeCaro and Democrat Mary Hegarty, run a first-class operation. Their professionalism is exemplary. They plan to use this grant, in part, to respond to as yet-unknown provisions of state law to implement Early Voting as well as other improvements in election technology and management.” – Sandy Waters Continue Reading →

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Timing of Work on Beech Trees Questioned in Advance of Monday’s RTM Vote on Arch St Intersection Improvements

The tree warden said the work on Beech trees at the Bolling monument had nothing to do with Monday’s upcoming RTM vote on the intersection improvement project at Arch and Greenwich Ave, and that the timing reflected the vendor’s availability and the weather. Continue Reading →

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Selectmen Vote 2-1 on Naming Rights Policy

Camillo said the policy could be revisited after a couple years. “Especially as we’re going to be looking at a new skating rink and we’ll be looking for significant contributions there. It’s critical that we get something in place…and then see if we have to adjust it.” Continue Reading →

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