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RTM Appointments Commission Seeks Five Volunteers for Condemnation Commission

The Condemnation Commission exercises the powers and performs the duties in respect to the condemnation of land and the assessment of damages and benefits arising only out of the construction of highways, sewers and public parking.
The Appointments committee is seeking 5 members who will compose a board with a balanced set of skills and professional experience which include, but not be limited to, Real Estate Evaluation, Construction, Engineering, Legal Expertise, Town Planning, and Public Representation. Continue Reading →

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RTM Appointments Committee Votes on New Term for P&Z’s Richard Maitland

The Appointments committee of the RTM were overall civil, though Carl Carlson pounded his fist on the table and said he could not abide by Richard Maitland being chair when P&Z approved Neighbor to Neighbor’s food pantry building by a historic church and Tomes Higgins House, as well as condos on Milbank Ave. Continue Reading →

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RTM Gives Thumbs Up to Ordinance Banning Out of State Fracking Waste

Connecticut residents vulnerable to the millions of tons of solid waste and the billions of gallons of liquid waste generated by the oil and gas extraction industry. Waste contaminated construction fill or road de-icers are the common methods of entry into municipalities. Continue Reading →

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Swomley: Singular Focus on Mill Rate is Misplaced

“For those advocating “fiscal freedom” and focusing solely on the mill rate, I urge you to recognize that there is another side to the equation—having a reserve for contingencies as well as things our town needs to enhance its schools, buildings, fields, traffic. Are we taking this into account or we ignoring them to reduce the mill rate by .092 just so we can say we lowered taxes?” – Joanna Swomley Continue Reading →

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