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Differences Emerge between Selectmen Candidates: Mill Rate, School Infrastructure, Witherell, PPPs

The Selectmen debates on Wednesday night were nothing if not cordial. The audience – maxed out to the room’s capacity, with the overflow had been diverted to Zoom – was exceedingly polite. Gone was the heckling and disrespectful behavior that punctuated some past debates. There were no zingers surprise twists. Anyone waiting for fireworks was disappointed. Continue Reading →

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League of Women Voters Urges Support Grant for Registrars under Consideration by the RTM

“Our Registrars, Republican Fred DeCaro and Democrat Mary Hegarty, run a first-class operation. Their professionalism is exemplary. They plan to use this grant, in part, to respond to as yet-unknown provisions of state law to implement Early Voting as well as other improvements in election technology and management.” – Sandy Waters Continue Reading →

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LWV Greenwich President: Overturning of Roe v. Wade Signals Erosion of Civil Liberties

“Based on Justice Thomas’s concurring opinion, can we expect an erosion of rights to same sex marriage, contraceptive use, among other civil liberties resting on the same rights of privacy articulated in Roe v. Wade?” – Sandy Waters, President, LWV Greenwich Continue Reading →

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