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P&Z Watch: Proposed Smith Cove Addition Pits Neighbor Against Neighbor

An application to construct additions and make renovations to an existing two-family at 29 Davenport Ave on Smith Cove (in the R6 multi-family zone) met resistance. A neighbor said trust had been an issue because the applicant had built stone walls without permits and that one of them encroached onto her property. Continue Reading →

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P&Z Watch: Greenwich Reform Synagogue Wants Conditions Lifted; Tries Commission’s Patience

“We should be making sure the site is safe. I want to lay down for the record that we’re requesting this information in support of the ancillary uses, but to make sure the site is safe and that the circulation works effectively and that the parking works effectively.” – P&Z Chair Margarita Alban Continue Reading →

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P&Z Watch: Kinsman Lane Counseling Practice, Open Space Violation, Rowing Club with 12 Apartments

An application for a group counseling practice in a residential neighborhood returned to P&Z on Tuesday. The commission also saw applications from homeowners with an open space violation by Mianus Pond and the first application to come in under the new Waterfront Business Zone since it was overhauled. Continue Reading →

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P&Z Watch: Property Rights Struggle Bubbling Up at Shore Acres

If you own title to an access way to Greenwich Cove established a century ago and the town never taxed it, can you pave it and use part of it for your driveway? Can you use its FAR to build a bigger house on your adjacent lot where you already tore down a house? Shore Acres neighbors say absolutely not. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Combination of state regulations and developer greed are lethal to Greenwich

“Please, consider what is being done and think about what the “green wall” and “l-shaped building” will mean to our town. That you are not receiving an avalanche of mail is probably only that we are beginning to give in to the inevitable…a cityscape, a future morass that once was a caring, involved town.” – Judy Crystal, Greenwich Continue Reading →

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“Milbrook Crossing” Seeks to Use P&Z Historic Overlay to Preserve Grand Homes on Post Road

A proposal to use the HO regulations to preserve a row of three grand turn-of-century homes on the Post Road would create a residential community appealing to empty-nesters is working its way through Town Hall. On December 5 the Historic District Commission unanimously endorsed the project, approving a certificate of appropriateness. The vote was 8-0. Continue Reading →

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Lincoln to Erect 2-Story, Glass Showroom; Greenwich Motor Sales Closes after 60+ Years

The Caviolas closed Greenwich Auto sales at the end of August 2018. A Lincoln showroom is proposed for the property which will be leased on a long term basis. The Planning & Zoning commission asked about lighting, curb cuts, car carrier deliveries. Continue Reading →

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Brunswick Pursues New Organic Turf Field and King Street Tunnel to Connect Campuses

Brunswick’s application was to create a tunnel to connect their their campuses which straddle King Street. The application also included a proposal to relocate a baseball field from the west to east side of King Street and construct an eight lane track for track and field activities on the east. Continue Reading →

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