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P&Z Watch: Does Separating Market Rate from Affordables in 2 Buildings Pass the Sniff Test?

“I’m very sensitive every time I testify in Hartford about the perception of Greenwich and the treatment I get when I’m testifying because I’m from Greenwich. I want to show that we’re putting our best foot forward and making a genuine effort. I want to pass the sniff test.” – P&Z chair Margarita Alban Continue Reading →

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P&Z Feedback on Oak Ridge 8-30g: How is this good for the town?

“I’m seeing such a tight development. What should give hints of green space, there is a little patio and it’s sitting on top of a parking garage. That’s pretty much it. You have low affordability, you have no outside space, and you’re basically building to the edges.”– Margarita Alban Continue Reading →

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Greenwich P&Z Hones in on Sewerage Discharge Agreement with New York for Proposed 8-30g on King Street

The 217-bed Greenwich Woods skilled nursing home would be replaced with a five-story, 215 unit, 394 bedroom, 8-30g affordable housing development with 30% of the units designated “affordable.” Of concern for the P&Z commission was the property’s sewer is provided from Westchester County who calculated the new development would exceed the agreed of 50,000 gallons per day. Also its 2064 expiration might come before the 40 year deed restriction for the 8-30g affordable units. Continue Reading →

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P&Z Watch: More Traffic Data Requested for Greenwich Academy Busing Program

P&Z commissioners and neighbors questioned the private school’s goal of sustainability. They said an increase in enrollment of 50 students would offset any decrease in traffic from an aggressive busing program. Continue Reading →

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