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When a Stay at Greenwich Hospital Becomes a Stroll Down Memory Lane

Charlotte Bernadette Harriau Thomas – named employee of the year in 2000 – worked at Greenwich Hospital from 1974 to 2010. Although caps had almost completely disappeared from nursing apparel in the United States by the late 1980s, Charlotte proudly wore her cap until the day she retired. Continue Reading →

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Greenwich singer gets rid of the ‘frog’ to rediscover her voice 

Greenwich singer-songwriter Vicky Harris was thrilled when her composition titled Pieces was selected as the producer’s choice in a New England song writing competition. But joy turned to dismay when Harris performed at an award ceremony with the winners in the other song genres. 

“A frog came out of my mouth. My voice has cracked before, but nothing like this. It was an awful sound. I was mortified,” said Harris, who also works as a Greenwich realtor. 

Greenwich singer-songwriter Vicky Harris of is working on a third album thanks to the experts at the Yale Voice Center in Greenwich. Continue Reading →

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