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Falafel Taco on Greenwich Avenue Offers Unique Blend of Mexican and Israeli Cuisine

Beyond being a family affair, the eatery is also the marriage of Israeli and Mexican cuisine, with a result truly greater than the sum of its parts. The menu is intriguing, with many items having a back story. Continue Reading →

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Spilo: Proposed Arch Street Design Unsafe

“With this “enter-at-the-corner” design, drivers see pedestrians mass at the corner and are often unable to tell which way a pedestrian intends to cross. This situation is worse when there is heavy pedestrian traffic. The drivers’ confusion can cause them to enter the intersection believing pedestrians are crossing the other way. As a result the drivers may be forced to stop suddenly or make emergency maneuvers causing accidents.  You can watch this happen at Elm Street.” – Michael Spilo Continue Reading →

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