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Byram Resident Urges Town to Adopt a Plan to Protect Cemetery Stones, Preserve History

“There are probably a half a dozen stones that are in critical need of action within the next three months,” Alex Popp said, pointing to stones that have tipped over or are vanishing as the earth grows over them. Continue Reading →

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In-Person Hamill Rink User Committee Meeting Results in Confrontation during Public Comment

Lucia Jansen, of the RTM budget overview committee, said, “I the lead committee that cut the $950,000 request for this budget item. We were very clear that the reason was because of the lack of information, and certainly not because of the genuine support and interest for the rink.” Continue Reading →

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LETTER: With Declining Enrollment, Renovation Of Julian Curtiss Should Prioritize ADA/HVAC & Safety

“Although the JC proposal includes ADA and HVAC upgrades, which are necessary, it also includes; Pre-K infrastructure (constructing two classrooms), construction of a Science Room, expanding/relocating the cafeteria, relocating the media center, building a courtyard, adding a breezeway and expanding administrative offices. These are nice additions, but none are necessary for the school to function properly in an era of decreasing enrollment.” – Alex Popp, Linda Tommasino and Bonnie Zeh Continue Reading →

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GROUP LETTER: The Superintendent’s Fix For ADA Compliance? A Rubric.

“The Superintendent should separate ADA compliance from other school related capital projects. It should be capital priority number one. These are urgently needed upgrades.” – Abbe Large, Alex Popp, Liz Tomassino, Josiane Parnell and Dan Quigley Continue Reading →

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