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SEEC to Investigate Complaint against RTM Candidates, Fiscal Freedom for CT

The SEEC has agreed to investigate a complaint by Lorelei O’Hagan against Fiscal Freedom for CT, Laura Gladstone and others. The complaint alleges coordination and impermissible expenditures from Fiscal Freedom of CT on behalf of RTM candidates, including one or more of its own members, in the Nov 5, 2019 municipal election. Continue Reading →

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LETTER: Greenwich Women Stand With Harry Arora

“Women in Greenwich want to see their investments in their homes keep their value. They want to see their elderly neighbors be able to stay in their homes. They want to see their children move back to Greenwich and raise their families here. Harry is committed to finding a policy solution to reverse Connecticut’s policy challenges.” Continue Reading →

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Fiscal Freedom for CT: Real Political Courage Is Cutting Spending, Not Taxing Working Class People

“State Senator Alex Bergstein says it takes political courage to pass tolls. It actually takes more courage to cut spending. Currently, Connecticut has the highest administrative costs per mile of road, equating to nine times the national average!” – Laura Gladstone, Fiscal Freedom for CT Continue Reading →

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RTM Declines to Vote on Anti-Tolling Resolution, Votes to Postpone Indefinitely

Dozens spoke out against the anti-tolling resolution, saying the non-partisan RTM should not get involved in state issues. Other disagreed, including Democrats, saying tolls would hurt “the little guy” and be a regressive tax. Continue Reading →

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Greenwich RTM Committees Weigh In on Anti-Toll Resolution

Strong voices were heard on both sides of the anti-toll resolution presented to several RTM standing committees. Voices included NoTollsCT founder Patrick Sasser, State Rep Fred Camillo (R-151), State Senator Alex Bergstein (D-36), State Senator George Logan (R-17) and Joseph McGee, who is a VP with the Business Council of Fairfield County. Continue Reading →

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PHOTOS: Anti-Tolls Rally Draws Crowds, Honks outside Stamford Government Center

A crowd of about 100 people gathered to rally against tolls outside Stamford Government Center on Saturday. Cars and trucks drove by honking in support. Remarks were delivered by organizer Patrick Sasser, Bob Stefanowski, Fred Camillo, Steve Kolenberg and Bob Katchco. Continue Reading →

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Fiscal Freedom for CT: Still Time for Unaffiliated to Change Affiliation to Republican before Primary

“One person who stands out in the crowd that we are 100% behind is Thad Gray for Treasurer. Of the three candidates (2 for Republican ticket and 1 for Democratic ticket), Thad is the sure front runner. Not only does he have the most experience, he is incredibly honest.” – Laura Gladstone, Fiscal Freedom for CT Continue Reading →

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Letter: Fiscal Freedom for CT Wrong to Attack Livvy Floren for Her Support of National Popular Vote

“I applaud Rep Livvy Floren for having the courage of her convictions and not sticking to the GOP party line. If the Congressional Republicans would do the same, we’d be in a better position to preserve our Republic, the one which Ms. Gladstone claims to hold so dear.” – Sarah Darer Littman Continue Reading →

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