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Historic Wall Street Theater Reinvented for Concerts, Live Streaming, Private Events

A painstaking multi-year renovation effort that ended in 2016 brought the faded gem back to life, and the theater is positioned to anchor the historic neighborhood as it transitions post-pandemic to an updated mix of residential and retail. Continue Reading →

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RTM Declines to Vote on Anti-Tolling Resolution, Votes to Postpone Indefinitely

Dozens spoke out against the anti-tolling resolution, saying the non-partisan RTM should not get involved in state issues. Other disagreed, including Democrats, saying tolls would hurt “the little guy” and be a regressive tax. Continue Reading →

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Farricker: Bergstein’s Tolling Bill is Unfortunate Example of Governmental Laziness

“As a lifelong proud Democrat, it saddens me that we are looking to solve a problem stemming from decades of government inaction on the backs of the middle class and small businessperson — people who have always been willing to help when asked fairly.” – Frank Farriker, former chair of Greenwich DTC Continue Reading →

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Farricker: Supreme Court Likely to Repeal Roe; Vote for Pro-Choice Legislators

“Should Roe be overturned, that does not automatically make abortion illegal. Instead, each state will be permitted to make their own rules. It is highly likely that the people you vote for locally will right away be deciding for Connecticut if a woman has a right to choose in our state in the next term.” – Frank Farricker Continue Reading →

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Farricker: Letter to Greenwich Republicans

“Greenwich is responsible for 10% of ALL the money that the State has to spend. However, all we get back is about 0.25% and that is wrong. The fact is that our local administration has decided that fighting Hartford is more important than getting what we deserve which may be satisfying but it gets us nothing at all…. My priority is getting our fiscal house in order in a way that benefits all of the residents of Greenwich and if those ideas are considered “Republican” ideas, so be it.” – Frank Farricker, candidate for First Selectman Continue Reading →

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