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Fiscal Freedom for CT: Still Time for Unaffiliated to Change Affiliation to Republican before Primary

“One person who stands out in the crowd that we are 100% behind is Thad Gray for Treasurer. Of the three candidates (2 for Republican ticket and 1 for Democratic ticket), Thad is the sure front runner. Not only does he have the most experience, he is incredibly honest.” – Laura Gladstone, Fiscal Freedom for CT Continue Reading →

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Letter: Fiscal Freedom for CT Wrong to Attack Livvy Floren for Her Support of National Popular Vote

“I applaud Rep Livvy Floren for having the courage of her convictions and not sticking to the GOP party line. If the Congressional Republicans would do the same, we’d be in a better position to preserve our Republic, the one which Ms. Gladstone claims to hold so dear.” – Sarah Darer Littman Continue Reading →

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