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PHOTOS: Independence Day Ceremony is a Reminder of the Sacrifices of Greenwich’s Patriots

Elected officials in attendance included US Congressman Jim Himes, Greenwich First Selectman Fred Camillo, Selectwoman Lauren Rabin, Selectwoman Janet Stone McGuigan, State Rep Steve Meskers (D-150), State Rep Harry Arora (R-151), State Rep Kimberly Fiorello (R-149) and State Senator Ryan Fazio (R-36). Continue Reading →

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LETTER: Representative Kimberly Fiorello’s Dangerous Alliance with Disgraced Doctors

“For the past year, as we collectively battled a pandemic which claimed the lives of over 1 million Americans, most of our elected local delegation advocated for safety measures and urged patience regarding masks. All that is, but one. Representative Kimberly Fiorello chose a different path. She chose to partner with the confrontational local group “Greenwich Patriots” to peddle COVID disinformation and conspiracy theories from discredited doctors.” – Mary Ellen Markowitz, Cos Cob Continue Reading →

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LETTER: Who would oppose EpiPen affordability?

“I was surprised to learn that our representative, Kimberly Fiorello of the 149th district, was one of only four people who rejected this commonsense measure that would save the lives of her constituents. It certainly wasn’t due to partisanship. Fifty of the 54 GOP members of the House voted in favor of this bill.” – Svetlana Wasserman Continue Reading →

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