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Founder’s Day Features Unveiling of Restored Feake-Ferris House c1645 in Old Greenwich

Wednesday, July 18 was Founder’s Day, a tradition in Greenwich since 1947. To mark the occasion the Feake-Ferris House, c1645, which was restored rather than demolished, was open for tours. The owners, Martin and Anna Waters opened their new home, which is connected to the historic one, for the reception. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Sad state of affairs when you can’t voice opposition to a vote by elected politicians without being personally attacked

“Unless you want your country ruled by California and New York voters (and I am sure I do not), I would suggest more people write your State Senator today since, along with Ms. Floren’s vote, it has been sent to the Senate floor (in Greenwich ours is Scott Frantz) and tell them vote No to NPV.” – Frank Salomone Continue Reading →

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Letter: Fiscal Freedom for CT Wrong to Attack Livvy Floren for Her Support of National Popular Vote

“I applaud Rep Livvy Floren for having the courage of her convictions and not sticking to the GOP party line. If the Congressional Republicans would do the same, we’d be in a better position to preserve our Republic, the one which Ms. Gladstone claims to hold so dear.” – Sarah Darer Littman Continue Reading →

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Greenwich Delegation: Much At Stake In The 2018 Session

“As elected officials, we are no strangers to criticism. Whether we are drafting the state budget or discussing controversial issues during committee meetings, the process of building consensus around major public issues can be difficult, but it is a challenge we accept openly and with tremendous passion.” – Rep. Livvy Floren, 149th House District; Rep. Mike Bocchino, 150th House District; Rep. Fred Camillo, 151st House District Scott Frantz, 36th Senate District Continue Reading →

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