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SASSER: SB447, “An act concerning the phase-out of the use of school resource officers” would make our school children less safe

“I remember a time not so long ago when parents and teachers were crying out to have police officers in our schools to protect our children. These officers are not only on the school grounds as a layer of protection but also to provide an opportunity for children to interact with police officers on a daily basis. It gives them the reassurance that police officers are human and part of our community, and that they play an important role in our society.” – Patrick Sasser, Stamford Continue Reading →

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RTM Declines to Vote on Anti-Tolling Resolution, Votes to Postpone Indefinitely

Dozens spoke out against the anti-tolling resolution, saying the non-partisan RTM should not get involved in state issues. Other disagreed, including Democrats, saying tolls would hurt “the little guy” and be a regressive tax. Continue Reading →

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Greenwich RTM Committees Weigh In on Anti-Toll Resolution

Strong voices were heard on both sides of the anti-toll resolution presented to several RTM standing committees. Voices included NoTollsCT founder Patrick Sasser, State Rep Fred Camillo (R-151), State Senator Alex Bergstein (D-36), State Senator George Logan (R-17) and Joseph McGee, who is a VP with the Business Council of Fairfield County. Continue Reading →

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PHOTOS: Anti-Tolls Rally Draws Crowds, Honks outside Stamford Government Center

A crowd of about 100 people gathered to rally against tolls outside Stamford Government Center on Saturday. Cars and trucks drove by honking in support. Remarks were delivered by organizer Patrick Sasser, Bob Stefanowski, Fred Camillo, Steve Kolenberg and Bob Katchco. Continue Reading →

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