Fiscal Freedom for CT: Still Time for Unaffiliated to Change Affiliation to Republican before Primary

Letter to the editor from Laura Gladstone, Fiscal Freedom for CT, July 26, 2018

At Fiscal Freedom for CT we want to remind all registered Republicans to please vote in the primary August 14th and if you are not here to vote, get your absentee ballot.

If you are unaffiliated or not registered you still have time to change your affiliation to Republican one day before the primary (August 13th).  It’s important to vote as there are approximately 400,000 registered Republicans in the State of Connecticut of which 25% are likely to vote.

In a primary with two or more candidates for every position, and in the Governor’s race where there are five people running for the Republican ticket, it could come down to 20,000 votes.  Your vote does make a difference.  So if you have any inclination to change from unaffiliated to Republican please do so soon!

We have received many inquiries about who we are supporting.

One person who stands out in the crowd that we are 100% behind is Thad Gray for Treasurer.  Of the three candidates (2 for Republican ticket and 1 for Democratic ticket), Thad is the sure front runner.  Not only does he have the most experience, he is incredibly honest. Which in this day and age saying you know an honest politician is like saying you know Santa Claus.  We have talked to many people who have worked with him directly in the finance sector, and everyone comes back with glowing remarks.  Thad’s experience is arguably the best experience this state has ever seen for Treasurer.  After attending the University of Pennsylvania and receiving an MBA from NYU, Thad spent most of his entire professional life as Chief Investment Officer managing money for pension funds, endowments and charitable foundations. This is exactly what Thad will be doing as Treasurer, managing the state pension funds and investing our money.

In addition, House Minority leader, Themis Klarides has so much faith in him she appointed him to serve as the head of the state-sponsored retirement savings program for private sector employees last year.  There is no better endorsement.

And although his Republican competitor seems like a nice kid, unfortunately he has no experience in this area.  As we have asked many people, if Thad Gray and his competitors came to your door and demanded you had to choose who to give your own money to manage, who would you choose?  Everyone answers the obvious choice – Thad. Remember, the Treasurer of the state is managing YOUR money- the taxpayer.  Make sure you do it with someone who has spent many years actually managing people’s money – successfully.

We also both happen to have black labs – what else can I say?