LETTER: Greenwich Women Stand With Harry Arora

Letter to the editor from Several Greenwich women (see below) 

Women in Greenwich stand with Harry Arora to represent us in Hartford. He is the right candidate to get our state and local policies back on track. He will fight for our values and be able to build compromise and trust on all sides of the aisle. He is a good person and we support his candidacy for state representative.

 Women in Greenwich want a vibrant and growing state and town economy. We want a community in which individuals can start businesses and where working people can find that their efforts are rewarded with greater opportunities. Harry has the experience and leadership to get effective regulation in place and ensure businesses grow.

Women in Greenwich want to see their investments in their homes keep their value.  They want to see their elderly neighbors be able to stay in their homes.  They want to see their children move back to Greenwich and raise their families here. Harry is committed to finding a policy solution to reverse CT’s policy challenges.

Women in Greenwich want an education system in which our children’s minds are enriched.  This means an educational complex that stays laser-focused on how the children and students are learning. Harry wants to help strengthen our education system and he is committed to making our district’s education funding more equitable to other districts in CT.

 And we women in Greenwich stand with Harry Arora to fight for our values in Hartford.  Anyone who meets Harry can tell his character is above reproach. He will be an advocate for our rights and is committed to serving our community so that we can return to being a place where individuals, families and businesses flourish.

Harry is the right candidate for our community and our state. He is a person of values and has the experience to get things done in Hartford. We are standing with Harry Arora to represent the 151st District in Hartford.  Please vote for Harry Arora on Tuesday, January 21st.

Natalie Adee, Shalini Ahmed, Madeline Albrizio, Nisha Arora, Ana Arsov, Stephanie Dunn Ashley, Carol Asness, Alison  Belknap, Shannon Bocchino, Sue Moretti Bodson, Brooke Bremer, Jackie  Budkins, Jill Capalbo, Adele Catino, Julia Chiappetta, Rene Chronet , Yolanda Cortese, Allyson Cowin, Patti DeFelice, Jessica Del Guercio, Irene Dietrich, Cynthia DiPreta, Carol Ducret, Karen Fassuliotis, Kimberly Fiorello, Livvy Floren, Sabrina Forsythe, Icy Frantz, Lile Gibbons, Meera Gilbert, Laura Gladstone, Darrelle Griffin, Jenny Gruenstrass, Hilary Gunn, Kristen Hannigan, Gale Hartch, Debra Hess , Susan Hinrichs, Debbie Hires, Lucia D. Jansen, Katie Johnson, Joyce Jones, Heather Khuu, Eileen Kim, Sussan Kosinski, Jasbeena Layman, Elizabeth Leamy, Ling Liu, Shelly Tretter  Lynch, Beth MacGillivray, Wynn McDaniel, Audrey McNiff, Kathleen Metinko, Linda Moshier, Kimberly O’Donnell, Nancy Ozizmir, Nicole Pate, Elizabeth Pate, Lolly Prince, Lauren Rabin, Lori-Rothman-Allee, Leigh Ann Ryan, Kimberly Salib, Parmjit Sandhu, Sophia Scarpelli, Keetha Sivamohan, Heather Smeriglio, Mita Spilo, Jane Sprung, Caren St. Phillip, Valerie Stauffer, Joan Stewart Pratt, Leslie Tarkington, Alka Thukral, Katrina Tilly, Alissa Tilly, Laura Tobias, Liz Tommasino, Eileen Tweddle, Dina Urso, Kristen von Summer Waldorf, Wendy Walasek, Erika Walsh, Marla Weston, Stephanie Wu, Wendy Zhou.