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Greenwich Christian Preschool’s Wacky Wednesday Raises Funds for Vanishing White Matter Family Foundation

Also, Thursday VWM Families Foundation is organizing “mismatched shoes day” with a nod to Sam Buck who wears mismatched shoes to school as a way of expressing his personality.

Help VWM support Sam and all VWM kids on Thursday, April 4, the anniversary of Sam’s diagnosis by wearing your mismatched shoes or socks. Continue Reading →

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Student Cartoonists Sell Star Wars Calendar in Greenwich Schools To Support Abilis

Two local girls have created a calendar featuring new comic drawings and original interpretations of characters from the Star Wars Universe. The idea cam in response to state budget cuts that impacted special needs students. Continue Reading →

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Blankley: Do Not Hold New Lebanon School Hostage to the State Grant

“New Lebanon school has long been identified as the next major project in the BOE’s overall improvement plan and it is needed desperately. Overcrowding results in pre- K classes being pushed to another facility, classes being taken in hallways and no space for enrichment activities.” – John Blankley Continue Reading →

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Greenwich Public Schools Rising 6th Graders Meet Up at Camp Seton

Across town, 5th graders from all the grade schools each have a chance this week to go to Camp Seton with other 5th graders from the feeder schools to their shared middle school. On Monday, the 5th graders from New Leb, Glenville and Hamilton Avenue Schools all enjoyed a beautiful, sunny warm day of team building and orienteering skills. And the chance to make each others’ acquaintance in time for the first day at Western Middle School. Continue Reading →

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