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Blankley Gets Enough Signatures to Appear on August 17th Ballot for State Senator, 36th District

“It is now clear there is wide support for securing our rights, and to promote fiscal security for our towns and our State, and to have a very experienced businessperson who knows our state helping to lead the way.” – John Blankley, Independent Candidate for State Senate, 36th district Continue Reading →

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LETTER: “Spoiler John Blankley should drop out of the race. He has little chance of winning.”

“Blankley’s choice will put some voters in an untenable position: if they vote for him, they are likely “throwing their vote away” for a candidate with little chance of winning, while possibly causing the candidate they least prefer to get elected.” – Jonathan Perloe, Cos Cob Continue Reading →

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UPDATE: Shakeup Among Elected Officials in Greenwich Continues with Announcement from Longtime Town Clerk Carmella Budkins

UPDATE: Gov. Ned Lamont has scheduled a special election for the 36th District Senate seat, which was vacated by Alex Kasser who resigned last month. The election will take place on Tuesday, August 17. On the second week of shakeups in local government, longtime Town Clerk, Republican Carmella Budkins, announced she will not run for another term. After 30 years, Ms Budkins said in a statement that it had been an honor to service the residents of Greenwich. Town Clerk Carmella Budkins in her office at Greenwich Town Hall. Continue Reading →

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Inspiration from the Last Outbreak of Plague in England

“It was the Fall of 1665 in the village of Eyam in the Derbyshire Peak District of England. People had heard about the terrible outbreak of plague that year in London but there were no signs of outbreak in the north. Change when it came was swift and devastating. The cause was the arrival of a bolt of cloth from London…by the end of the year 42 villagers had perished. The cloth had brought with it rat fleas carrying bubonic plague.” – John Blankley Continue Reading →

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RTM Declines to Vote on Anti-Tolling Resolution, Votes to Postpone Indefinitely

Dozens spoke out against the anti-tolling resolution, saying the non-partisan RTM should not get involved in state issues. Other disagreed, including Democrats, saying tolls would hurt “the little guy” and be a regressive tax. Continue Reading →

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