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Greenwich Schools Chief: Covid Cases Trace to Ice Hockey, Basketball, Birthday Party – Urges Caution at Halloween

“As of today, we have had 13 positive cases in the district. After contact tracing, the cases have been attributed to outside events – mainly ice hockey, basketball and a birthday party.” – Dr. Toni Jones, Oct 22 BOE meeting Continue Reading →

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LETTER: Band, Chorus, Strings Enrich Education in Greenwich Schools

“It is unthinkable to remove the programs and course offerings that truly enrich the very fabric of education in this district and which inherently provide authentic social and emotional learning.” – Cathy McGovern Dillon Continue Reading →

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Greenwich Schools: 82%+ Children to Start the Year in Person

“One of the comments made on a webinar this week was that we have amazing health professionals guiding us in Covid – epidemiologist at the state level, and if we’re going to listen to those specialists when they tell us to close schools? Why are they ignoring their advice when they tell us to open?- Dr. Toni Jones Continue Reading →

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LETTER: Greenwich Public Schools 2020 Proposed Scheduling is Insufficient for the Performing Arts

“I believe that this scheduling of only General Music would be devastating to the upward trajectory and caliber of the performing groups because a lost year removes a level of achievement upon which the final product is built.” – Cathy McGovern Dillon, Old Greenwich Resident, Musician, Music Educator, Alumni and Alumni Parent Continue Reading →

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Greenwich Together Issues Statement against Racism

“We stand ready to do the work to end injustice and systemic racism in our country and community. We are committed to challenging ourselves to understand and correct any inequities we may discover as we collaborate to improve the health of our entire community and gain a better understanding of ourselves and each other. We are committed to speaking up and acting together to end the violence and mistreatment of all ethnic and religious minorities so that all people, particularly our youth, have healthy futures.” – Greenwich Together Continue Reading →

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YWCA Panel Talks Race: School culture, Curriculum, and Dropping the Term Headmaster at GHS

A panel discussion Wednesday on systemic racism in schools was organized by YWCA Greenwich, whose core mission includes eliminating racism. The conversation was inspired by the proliferation of “BlackAt” accounts on social media. Continue Reading →

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