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OPINION: It’s Time to Put Our Cash Reserves to Use For Our School Projects

“Greenwich town government is awash with cash, and this is the time to put some of that cash to use for our school capital projects.  I believe that Greenwich should allocate up to $40 million from our $92.2 million cash reserves towards those projects.  Here’s why.” – Sean Goldrick Continue Reading →

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Community Update – Old Greenwich School Readies for Renovation

There are numerous critical improvements to be made to Old Greenwich School and the OGSBC is determined to make them a reality. The BOE and the OGSBC have the bandwidth to get this project done now for our children and the community. We just need adequate/requisite funding.
Most importantly, we believe there should be no unnecessary delays in fixing the serious problems at OGS. Continue Reading →

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ANGLAND: What’s behind the attacks on our public schools?

“Conservative commentator Christopher Rufo outlined the plan: ‘To get to universal school choice, you really need to operate from a premise of universal public school distrust.’ And what better way to subvert trust in a system that benefits all than by defunding public schools, and then attacking them as ‘failing’?” Continue Reading →

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