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Drainage in Cos Cob: What’s the Cost of Doing Nothing?

And like the previous meetings for the Pemberwick and Brothers Brook drainage area neighbors responded with frustration that the town wasn’t doing more to mitigate flooding and the emphasis on action items was for residents to do their own flood mitigation. Continue Reading →

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Possible (Legal) Return of Open Air Ice Skating?

At the Feb. 25 Parks & Rec meeting the board discussed the possibility of restoring town-sanctioned open air skating on its ponds. Discussion focused on Binney Park. Joe Siciliano said open air skating would need to be monitored by experienced staff, rather than hiring flexible part time staff and that the ice needs to be maintained and “snow pack” managed. He said it would also be necessary to occasionally flood the ice and groom it mechanically to get out the ruts and dents. He said his department had received numerous calls from residents eager to enjoy open air skating on Town ponds and that he has witnessed himself that residents are defying the town ban, and clearing snow from ice in places like Mianus Pond and Pomerance Pond. The board decided to revisit the idea and possibly, through a combination of public-private funds, offer open air skating next winter. Continue Reading →

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