Bye Bye to Pomerance Mansion. Demolition Equipment is in Position.

Up at Pomerance, a demolition excavator is in place. The photos above are courtesy of Rob Otto, and more available on Imagerysmith.

Last week Greenwich Free Press published photos of the derelict mansion, replete with graffiti, litter and the urge to say, “uh-oh.”

Nothing good could come of leaving the dwelling as is, though there is a movement afoot to seek an alternative.

Recently, Al Monelli explained to GFP reporter James Finn, “Nobody is going to provide money to restore that building and we can’t leave it in the condition it is, because it’s a magnet for the kids to break in… It’s unsafe.”

Our photo gallery received thousands of page views and 27 Facebook likes.  PHOTOS: Seton House, Attractive Nuisance?

With luck, people with long memories of Cos Cob had a chance to wander in from Orchard Street and take a gander before the demolition what was Barbara Tuchman’s former home. The original Wyndygoul burned down and was rebuilt about 50 years ago.

James’ feature, Pomerance Mansion: A Historically Sensitive Demolition Alternative struck a chord with Greenwich residents, receiving thousands of page views and a whopping 262 Facebook likes.

Finn interviewed Peter Davenport and published a thoughtful video chronicling the history of the site.

What’s next for the wrecking ball? Watch this space. It gets worse.

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