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P&Z Pushes Back on DPW Bridge/Rotary Project on Sound Beach Ave

Jim Michel said the State has set aside $3.8 million in funding, though the current estimate is $4.9 million. “They said they’d honor and bring the funding up to $4.9 million when we submit the final design plans,” he said. One resident warned that the only place where there is free cheese is in a mouse trap. Continue Reading →

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Supermoon Storm Surge Inundates Binney Pond and Its New Plantings

Conservation Commission director Denise Savageau said it’s difficult to know how much salt water intrusion there was in Binney Pond last week, given there was significant snow and rain coming downstream. The new plantings around the pond were completely submerged. Continue Reading →

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Wetlands Agency Gives DPW Green Light for Binney Pond Dredge

In a scantly attended public hearing Monday night, the Wetlands Agency voted unanimously in favor of the DPW’s application to dredge Binney Pond. There was some discussion of putting up buffer plantings to protect the pond, but Mr. Michael said Parks & Rec wants residents to have access right up to the edge of the pond for activities including the annual sailboat regatta. Continue Reading →

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