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Tons of Greenwich History Salvaged and Showcased in Cos Cob

In 2016, Parks & Rec board member Frank DiVincenzo, along with Bea Crumbine and then Parks & Rec chair Nancy Caplan, who has since passed, spearheaded an effort to save the marble monoliths at the historic O’Neil ampitheater from a grim fate: the gravel pits. Continue Reading →

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Bruce Spaman Retires as Greenwich’s Tree Warden after 16 Years

Greenwich’s Tree Warden Bruce Spaman is retiring after 16 years on the job. One of his proudest accomplishments is establishing the all organic maintenance of Greenwich’s parks. Since 2008, there have been no inorganic fertilizers or pesticides used in the parks. Continue Reading →

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Fed Up New Canaan Woman To Place ‘Shame on You’ Flags on Deserted Dog Feces in Park

Officer Allyson Halm of the New Canaan Police Department’s Animal Control section is aware of the problem and had recently conducted a survey of Irwin Park visitors. Responses to the question “Why do you think dog walkers don’t pick up or leave the bag?” included “Selfish,” “They are dirty people,” “Idiots,” “Stupid,” “It’s sick, not normal,” “Lazy,” and “Privileged, someone else will do it. Continue Reading →

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Perfect Storm on Sundays at GHS: Parking Shared by GYFL, GYCL and Trinity Church

When GYFL games take place on Sundays at Greenwich High School, and the GYCL cheer squads participate, fields 6 and 7 are utilized in addition to Cardinal Stadium. Trinity Church is there at the same time using the student center for services. The result is the perfect storm for a parking mess. Continue Reading →

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