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Bible Street Park Neighbor Wants 2 Oak Saplings Removed Before They Cast Shade on Her Yard

Parks and Trees Division's Darrin Wigglesworth (foreground) and Tree Warden Bruce Spaman (center) at hearing regarding two Oak trees in Bible Street Park. Feb 22, 2018 Photo: Leslie Yager

A neighbor whose property backs up to Bible Street Park in Cos Cob objects to 2 of 8 saplings planted last summer by the Greenwich Youth Conservation Program. The Oak trees were selected by the Town in part because they will absorb water in the very wet area by the brook where they were planted. The neighbor likes to garden and is concerned the Oak trees will mature and cast shade on her yard. Continue Reading →

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Greenwich Tree Warden: We’re Not Tree Huggers; We’re Vigilant About Hazardous Trees

“As much as people think we are a tree preservation organization or a bunch of tree huggers, we’re tree managers. We’re not cutting down trees because they’re dropping nuts on a lawn, or dropping leaves in a gutter. But, we’re not going to give it a second thought if they’re a hazard to the public either.” – Bruce Spaman, Greenwich Tree Warden Continue Reading →

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