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Tree Warden Issues Decision on 20 Trees in Binney Park

“Based on my research of the circumstances associated with these trees, and taking into account the concerns of parties present at the public hearing and correspondence received, my decision is not to remove all of the 20 trees as the proposed but to gradually phase in the tree removals over the next two to three years and require the immediate replacement of any trees removed with tree species tolerant of a wet environment.”– Bruce Spaman, Greenwich Tree Warden Continue Reading →

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Upset Binney Park Neighbors Vocal on Fate of 20 Trees, Mostly Crab Apples

Neighbor after neighbor of Binney Park insisted the Crab Apple trees are beautiful when they flower and are not dead. The trees are slated to be cut down per the Binney Park Master Plan and replaced with trees suitable to soggy, wet soil and salt. Continue Reading →

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Bruce Spaman Retires as Greenwich’s Tree Warden after 16 Years

Greenwich’s Tree Warden Bruce Spaman is retiring after 16 years on the job. One of his proudest accomplishments is establishing the all organic maintenance of Greenwich’s parks. Since 2008, there have been no inorganic fertilizers or pesticides used in the parks. Continue Reading →

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Greenwich Tree Warden: Byram Pin Oak Tree is Healthy as a Horse

On Wednesday at noon, Greenwich’s Tree Warden Bruce Spaman held a public hearing on the fate of a Pin Oak tree on Mead Ave in Byram which is a stone’s throw from New Lebanon School. The tree is on the side of Mead Ave with no utility wires, but there is a second massive Pin Oak across the street that has grown around the wires. That too may be in jeopardy. Neighbors turned out to defend the tree’s right to stand. Matt Popp said he moved from Chestnut Street to Mead Ave precisely because it was lined with trees. Continue Reading →

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Bible Street Park Neighbor Wants 2 Oak Saplings Removed Before They Cast Shade on Her Yard

Parks and Trees Division's Darrin Wigglesworth (foreground) and Tree Warden Bruce Spaman (center) at hearing regarding two Oak trees in Bible Street Park. Feb 22, 2018 Photo: Leslie Yager

A neighbor whose property backs up to Bible Street Park in Cos Cob objects to 2 of 8 saplings planted last summer by the Greenwich Youth Conservation Program. The Oak trees were selected by the Town in part because they will absorb water in the very wet area by the brook where they were planted. The neighbor likes to garden and is concerned the Oak trees will mature and cast shade on her yard. Continue Reading →

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