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Central Greenwich Feedback to DPW: “We’ve Talked about the Same Intersections for 20 Years”

“In my neighborhood we do not support sidewalks of any kind….I personally do not favor traffic cameras in town. As a New England Yankee our personal freedoms are paramount.” – Karen Fassuliotis Continue Reading →

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WMS Parents Support Tree Removal; Fear “Objector” Might Appeal Tree Warden Approval to State Superior Court

Regardless of whether or not the tree warden rules to approve the tree removals, his decision can be appealed, within 10 days, by an objector to State Superior Court in Stamford, which would delay the entire project. The objector can be any resident of the state. In response to an FOIA request, the tree warden provided the name of the original objector. Continue Reading →

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Greenwich Tree Conservancy Plants 100 Trees after Receiving a CT Urban Forest Council Grant

Town of Greenwich Assistant Director of Environmental Affairs, the GTC looked at the town Tree Equity Scorecard to determine which areas would most benefit from additional tree canopy. The initial award was to plant 50 trees in Pemberwick, Byram and Chickahominy. However the GTC was able to plant double that number. Endorsing the concept of necessary tree canopy, the Governor, just announced a plan to plant 1000’s of trees in densely populated cities and towns in Connecticut. Continue Reading →

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P&Z Watch: Cries for Real Grass at Western Middle School Won’t Delay Start of Remediation Work

The application was broken into two parts so the remediation can begin. But the BOE must return with a landscaping and lighting plan. The P&Z commission chair said there was a history of them not fulfilling conditions of approval requiring trees to be replaced, especially at GHS. Continue Reading →

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Greenwich Tree Conservancy: House Bills Address Destructive Tree Cutting by DOT, Eversource

“The pace of this destructive practice appears to be increasing at the same time as stronger storms are creating more dramatic flooding and the resulting erosion. This cutting also results in the creation of heat islands throughout town and other unanticipated outcomes that negatively affect our neighborhoods.” – JoAnn Messina, Executive Director, Greenwich Tree Conservancy Continue Reading →

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Timing of Work on Beech Trees Questioned in Advance of Monday’s RTM Vote on Arch St Intersection Improvements

The tree warden said the work on Beech trees at the Bolling monument had nothing to do with Monday’s upcoming RTM vote on the intersection improvement project at Arch and Greenwich Ave, and that the timing reflected the vendor’s availability and the weather. Continue Reading →

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