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Detour Announced for Sound Beach Avenue Bridge Closure Starting April 11

Accelerated Bridge Construction techniques will be utilized in this project, which can significantly reduce road closure time. To complement the scenic area, the Sound Beach Avenue Bridge will match the look of the Wesskum Wood Road Bridge and pedestrian bridges within Binney Park, by installing a masonry fascia comprised of rounded stones, deep grout, and capstones. Continue Reading →

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Greenwich Awarded $4 Million to Improve Traffic and Air

“These strategic investments will not only help eliminate traffic bottlenecks in certain communities and build out electric vehicle chargers in others, but they will also help move Connecticut towards cleaner air and a cleaner transportation system.” – Ned Lamont Continue Reading →

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New Phase of the Arch Street Corridor Traffic Improvements Project to Commence Monday, Nov 1

The next phase of the Arch Street Corridor Traffic Improvements Project begins on Monday, November 1. There will be intermittent lane closures that will take place both day and night for a two-week time span in order to prevent a backup of vehicles exiting off of I-95 and on the already congested Arch Street. With approximately 35,000 vehicles traveling on Arch Street per day, this project aims to mitigate traffic congestion and improve air quality. The Arch Street Corridor Traffic Improvements Project focuses on five signalized intersections including one pedestrian crosswalk. To improve the traffic an Adaptive Signal System will be installed. Continue Reading →

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Old Greenwich Merchants to Town: Increase Parking Enforcement

“If parking is not enforced on Sound Beach, I don’t see the incentive for employees to buy permits for $175….I don’t think I’ve ever seen any parking enforcement on Sound Beach and I’ve been there almost 13 years.” – Abigail Fox, Owner Abigail Fox Designs Continue Reading →

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P&Z Watch: Application Seeks to Keep “Temporary” Building in Horseneck Lot; Relocate Town Operations from Roger Sherman Baldwin Park

By further delaying or possibly removing the requirement to demolish the temporary building in Horseneck Lot (currently being used by Byram Fire Station), town operations in Roger Sherman Baldwin Park could be moved away from the waterfront.
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