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Greenwich Tree Conservancy: House Bills Address Destructive Tree Cutting by DOT, Eversource

“The pace of this destructive practice appears to be increasing at the same time as stronger storms are creating more dramatic flooding and the resulting erosion. This cutting also results in the creation of heat islands throughout town and other unanticipated outcomes that negatively affect our neighborhoods.” – JoAnn Messina, Executive Director, Greenwich Tree Conservancy Continue Reading →

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Lamont Urges Towns to Continue Warming & Sheltering for Residents Lacking Power

As of noon on Saturday, the utility companies reported that residents in 93 towns and cities in Connecticut were experiencing outages. A total of 39 of them have an estimated time of power restoration of 6:00 pm on Saturday; 38 have an estimated time of power restoration of midnight Saturday night; and 16 have an estimated time of power restoration for 8:00am on Sunday. Continue Reading →

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A Team Effort: Officials Promote Assistance Programs in Forum on Rising Heating Costs

As residents anticipate record high energy costs this winter, a forum organized by First Selectman Fred Camillo on Wednesday highlighted assistance programs. A week earlier, Eversource announced that on average, a residential electric customer could see an increase of approximately 48% over their current monthly bill, or approximately $85 per month. Continue Reading →

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As Energy Prices Rise and Hot Weather Comes, Eversource Encourages Energy Efficiency Steps

On average, Connecticut customers use 35% more electricity during the summer months and that can get costly.
Keep air conditioners set at or near 78 degrees—a generally comfortable temperature that requires less energy to reach and maintain than cooler temperatures. For every degree higher on the thermostat, the air conditioner will use 1-3% less electricity.   Continue Reading →

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