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Conservation Advocates Raise Red Flags on Aquarion’s Effort to Divert Water from Wilton Well & Norwalk River to Greenwich

“During the drought, Greenwich dramatically reduced its daily water usage from 32 million gallons per day peak summer usage to 5 million gallons per day after an outdoor irrigation ban was implemented, indicating that the overwhelming use of water was going to outdoor uses.” – Marija Mikolajczak, Greenwich Conservation Advocates Continue Reading →

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No End in Sight for Drought. Here’s What You Can Do to Help in Greenwich

Aquarion Drought Awareness - Greenwich Free Press

The Town is preparing for the potential of an extended drought which could include additional restrictions. “It is our responsibility to prepare for natural disasters including drought,” Tesei said on Wednesday in a release. “As with other natural disasters, we are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.” Continue Reading →

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It’s Raining, It’s Pouring… Who is to Blame for the Drought Restrictions?

Aquarion Drought Awareness - Greenwich Free Press

Did Aquarion wait too long to alert Greenwich residents and businesses to the drought? Aquarion said the drop was precipitous, and they reacted quickly: At the end of July the Greenwich water system was at 73.2% capacity. By Aug 30 the Greenwich system had dropped to 48.3% capacity. Continue Reading →

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